About us


The Wacken Foundation is a non-profit foundation which dedicates itself to the support of hard rock and heavy metal music. Basically every artist and every band from the heavy metal scene can be supported by the Wacken Foundation. For more information about which requirements have to be fulfilled can be found here


Also if the name Wacken Foundation is a bit misleading, the organisers of the W:O:A do not receive a single cent of the donations. The entire assets of the foundation are solely used to support artists from the metal scene.





In order to strengthen the existing support of young artists from the rock and metal scene the organisers of the W:O:A decided to create a foundation for the support of the hard rock and heavy metal music. Already from the very beginning people from the music industry could be enthused for the Wacken Foundation, e.g. singer Doro Pesch, one of the curators of the Wacken Foundation.