The Wacken Foundation solely and directly pursues non-profit objectives and is concerned with the support of hard and heavy metal music.


The organs of the foundation are the managing board and the councillor of the foundation. The managing board runs the foundation’s business and is responsible that the purpose of the foundation is constantly and sustainably being fulfilled. The councillor of the foundation monitors the management of the board and has to ensure that the managing board takes care of the constant and sustainable fulfilment of the foundation’s purpose in particular.


The board of trustees takes over a consulting activity towards the organs of the foundation and does not have decision-making powers. The managing board, however, regularly occupies the consulting activities of the board of trustees. Initially all applications are being discussed by the curators, who are all experienced in the music industry. Afterwards a recommendation is being made to the managing board. The Managing Board makes the final decision.


The organisers of the Wacken Open Air solely act as founders whose will is being compiled by the organs of the foundation. They are not actively involved in the day-to-day business of the Wacken Foundation and are not receiving a single cent of the foundation’s assets.