Feedback of Supported Bands

Some bands send us a feedback after the implementation of their project supported by us. Here you can get an impression about the opinion of bands about the support of the Wacken Foundation.

Scarlet Aura Tour Support 2018

Scarlet Aura have been supported to do their USA and Europe Tour in 2018.



Aaron Hellvis

...about the support in April 2014 for merchandise:



„With the loan of the Wacken Foundation we were able to produce and sell new merchandise with our logo.With the income we could finally produce and publish our second album. This would not have been possible without the support of the Foundation. We are very greatful to all those involved!‘‘



...about the support in December 2012 for their CD production:


Translated: „The crew of Aeronautica thanks the Wacken Foundation a lot. Without their helpfulness it would have been much harder to set our engines in motion."



Anchors & Hearts


...about the support in May 2013 for a tour bus: 

Translated: "...thank you very much for your uncomplicated support! With your help we were able to purchase a decent bus for the upcoming festival season and the time afterwards, which makes life on tour much easyer. Your Anchors & Hearty"



Andi Rohde

...about the support in June 2015 for a workshop/masterclass in Teheran: 


"I would like to thank the Wacken Foundation for the support. Without this the workshop in Teheran would not have been possible. For two days I conducted a masterclass in drumming in the Iranian capital. On the third day there was a studio recording, press conference, photoshoot and a concert. The Iranians are very fond of metal, although this kind of music is strictly forbidden. The whole thing was therefore not without risks, but it was worth it as the mostly young people were very thankful - also to the Wacken Foundation.

Iran is an interesting country full of friendly and open-minded people. The reality is different to the stereotypes that people have in mind when thinking about Iran and you can feel very secure  there. I can recommend everyone to travel to this country and I think it is great that the Wacken Foundation supported the musicam exchange between Iran and Germany!"


And There Will Be Blood

...about the support for producing their debut album and a music video: 


„We thank the Wacken Foundation for their support! Thanks to you we were able to produce our debut album “Obitus” the way we imagined it. Furthermore, it was possible for us to film a professional music video for our first single.

Recommendable – nice contact and unproblematic! Thanks loads.






...about the support for their CD production in April 2016:


„Wacken Foundation contributed to cover some of the studio costs, when recording our second album. Without their help, we would’ve never been able to enter Hansen Studios. 

We’re honored to be supported by the Foundation, who consistently works to help underground as well as established bands complete their goals. They are helping to establish a new generation of metalheads, by showing them that standing together and caring for each other is the only way forward. You guys are the best!‘‘



Austin Deathtrip

...about the support in September 2013 for their album production:


"AUSTIN DEATHTRIP says THANKS for the support, without it we could not produce our album sagen „HOW I SPANKED YOUR MOTHER“. Thank you also for the uncomplicated form of support with only minimal effort for bureaucracy. The WACKEN FOUNDATION makes a significant contribution for the support of young and upcoming metal bands and not at last for the preservation of the metal culture, wich cannot be mentioned often enough in times of decreasing sales of sound records. We appreciate this and we will give our best to fulfill your expectation in us. THANK YOU WACKEN FOUNDATION!"

Billion Dollar Babies

...about the support of the studio recordings and the Music Video in april 2013:


"The support from Wacken Foundation made it possible for BILLION DOLLAR BABIES to take the recording of the new album to another level. Producer Rikard Löfgren (Enforcer, Mustasch, Deathstars) was hired to work with the band on this recording. 


The contribution from Wacken Foundation was used to cover parts of the studio costs and a new music video for the song The Junkies Ball featured on the new album. The new album Chemical God is schedueled to be released in the end of 2015. What Wacken Foundation is doing in terms of support for smaller bands is very noble and important and for some bands the difference between and making it or breaking up. The Wacken Foundation is definitely contributing to the growth of the next generation of Iron Maidens, Panteras and Metallicas. We are forever grateful to have recieved this support.




Broken Fate

...about the support in January 2015 for CD recoding: 


"We from Broke Fate would like to thank you for the loan and the donation in January 2015. You helped us a lot and we are very grateful for that.

Also as a small band you are constantly asking yourself how to finance everything like video clips, merchandise, tours etc. Therefore we find it very great what you are doing for bands. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"

But We Try It


...about the support in September 2011 for their tour:


Translated: „At this point a big thank you to the Wacken Foundation. Without the financial support we could have never gone on a tour like that. It brought the band a big step forward. What is in Scandinavian countries partly covered by the state is happening here far too rarely and insufficiently. The more important it is that you are there!..."




...about the support in December 2014 for their CD production:


"We received the great news shortly before Christmas: Canterra receives a loan and a donation from the Wacken Foundation! WOW! What a surprise! We were very happy. Especially because the foundation showed that they are believing in our music and the new Canterra songs. This was an extra energy boost for us during an important phase of our production. We took the donation of the Wacken Foundation to finance vocal recordings, which has been much more relaxing and therefore a bit better than without the support. Additionally thanks to the financial injection we decided to record another bonus track which will show a totally different site of Canterra and will make the new album even more diversified.


We are currently finishing our production, and slowly but surely a really cool sound pattern of our debut album is developing. We almost cannot wait until the musical part is finished. Thank you to the team of the Wacken Foundation for the support of the birth of our debut album in dic shape! We will never forget!"

Capilla Ardiente

...about the support in July 2015 for their tour:


"From the perspective of a band from Southamerica, which plays traditional Doom Metal, a style not only rooted, but also with their major fanbase in Europe, it was imperative for us to play there to promote and comunicate our music to the right audiences and make concrete bonds that could help us with our musical career.

As fixing a tour and buying flying tickets was really expensive (but at the same time mandatory), the donation from the Wacken Foundation was really significant and important, helping us getting to Europe and playing shows and festivals in 7 countries.

We salute and thank the Wacken Foundation for the chance they give to small bands to make big things happen."


Cherries On A Blacklist


... about the support in March 2014 for their CD production:



"Thank you so much for your support! Stay tuned for more updates about the 2nd Album and upcoming live dates!- Cherries On A Blacklist"

Constant Fight

...about the support for the studio recordings in march 2014:


"We would like to thank the Wacken Foundation. Only your support has allowed us to do a professional recording.

It's nice that there are such organizations like you that are giving young musicians a chance. Rock'n'Roll "


...about the support for the CD puplication in July 2015: 


"Thanks for the support!

You've helped us so much.

We hope you like the album :) "


...about the support in June 2014:


"It is so awesome that something like this exists. Bands like we are being supported and we can concentrate on the essential thing: making music.

Huge praise!"





...about the support in February 2012 for their tour:


Translated: „The support by the Wacken Foundation is the best that could have happened to us as a band. Through the donation and the loan without interest, we could implement two big support tours, which brought us to 18 European countries and  set a big mile stone for our career. In the name of the whole band we are extremely thankful to you!"



Crystal Ball

...about the support for the CD production in march 2015: 


"Thank you, Wacken, you are a great support. You make everything possible! We would love to give something back and are looking forward to work with you from now as a team!

Long live R'n'R ...

Rock on, many thx, cheers

Crystal ball"

Damnation Defaced

...about the support of their CD production in June 2014:


"We would like to thank the Wacken Foundation from the button of our hearts for supporting this album. Without the loan it might be hard or nearly impossible to realize this piece of music and the release. THANK YOU FOR ALL!"



Defy The Laws Of Tradition

... about the support in November 2013 for their CD release:


Translated: "Thank you very much! Your donation saved us, because we had a high Gema-invoice right before our release - and we totally forgot it.
Thank you again and SHRED /m/


Die Bonkers

...about the support of the CD production in June 2015:


"With the help by Wacken Foundation we could record our album "Stürmische Zeiten "and to pay for a first class mastering studio. This recording resulted in a record deal and a tour support. We have every reason to be grateful for the trust and support  and recommend to contact the Wacken Foundation when you don't want to risk the failure of a good project. "


...about the support of their video production in February 2015:


"DIEVERSITY would like to say thank you for the support.In this way we could produce our first music video of the song "Stop War Inferno“ from our album ReAwakening. Therefore again thanks to the Wacken Foundation who are making it possible also for smaller bands to cover the not very low expenses for a music video production."

Dirty Shirt

...about the tour support in March 2015: 


"The support we received from the Wacken Foundation allowed us to prepare our national “Dirtylicious Tour” last May in optimal conditions, given that it included nine musicians on stage plus logistical and technical personnel (12-13 people in total). The tour promoted our latest album “Dirtylicious” released in April 2015 and was a huge step forward in the band’s career. Thanks to this tour, the band's popularity in Romania increased substantially. Thus at the moment Dirty Shirt is one of the top metal bands in the country. This opened many doors with regard to big events not only in our country, but also abroad (opening act for famous bands such as Megadeth and Godsmack, and invitations to known festivals such as Metalhead Meeting, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Kilkim Zaibu, and Sofia Metal Fest, among others). We are very grateful to the Wacken Foundation for all the support they offer to the international independent metal scene."

Don't Tread On Me

...about the support of their CD production in December 2014: 


"I would like to thank you in the name of the whole band for the support, it really helped us. I think it is great that something like this exists. Especially for young bands, who do not have a budget yet it is really helpful. For us this first time in a studio was a very educational step and it took us forward in the development of our music. We can build on this experience and improve and develop our music.

So thank you and kind regards! :)




...about their live support

Elegy Remains


...about the support in March 2012 for their CD publication: 

Translated: „We would like to thank you a lot at this poin. We find it great that (younger) bands belonging to this very difficultmusic scene is being offered this opportunity. We could further develop ourselves with the help of the Wacken Foundation and we did big steps that we could not have done alone.

A great concept, top assistance and just great people.

Elegy Remains says THANK YOU!"


... about the support in march 2014 for their CD production and release:


Translated: "You supported us with a loan and donation. With the money we had the possibility to record our EP with 6 Tracks in professional recording studio. And not just in an ordinary studio, but in the "Soundlodge" with Jörg Uken! (Suicide Angels, Nightfall, God Dethroned, Dew-Scented etc.)


With that professional production we have a high quality sound for a high league. Unfortunately we don't have pictures from the recording sessions, but we have a video:


Furthermore we produced some merchandise with your help. The following concerts were completly different for us. The revenues (gage, merchandise-sales and cd-sales) gave us the opportunity to produce a professional music video, which you can find here:

We used your support as a cornerstone for our musical progress und we continue working with the money.

At the moment we are working on new songs für another album. In the meantime we play shows, which help us to bring our music to the audience and to build up a financial backing.

We want to say thank you again. Great, that you exist! Keep it up!

Best regards and respect for your work,

Elegy Remains"





 ...about the support for their album production in 2015/2016:



“To hold your own album in your hands is the dream of every musician and that’s how it should become for us as well – an extraordinary experience, which won’t be forgotten. We worked ambitiously and determined to realize an album and with the support of the Wacken Foundation we reached our goal.


We think it’s just awesome, when young and unknown bands get supported and get the opportunity to concentrate on music, gain experience and to improve.


Again, thanks a lot to the nice team!”




...about the support in May 2016 for their album production



„We salute and thank Wacken Foundation for the support they have given us. E’nemia are humbled and so stoked we got the help from you guys to produce our upcoming debut album. This will help us realize our dreams and open doors which never dreamed were possible. THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Horns from Denmark


\m/ \m/ ‘‘




...about the support for merchandise and the CD production in July 2014:

 "We want to thank for the support and of course the interest-free loan very much. Our album will be released soon and we are very excited . Without your help, the production would not have been impossible! 1000 thanks! Glad Wacken supports small bands :)"


...about the support of their tour in June 2016:


"Thanks thanks thanks for your support !!!"

Fateful Finality

...about the support for the studio recordings in April 2014: 

"You hold the Underground alive and made all possible!!!  Horns Up for Wacken FOUNDATION"


...about the support of their tour in March 2015:


"A really great thing!"



... about the support in March 2014 for their CD production:


Translated: "We can never thank you enough for supporting us. The money helped us to make a big step forward! Great that you exist!"





...about the support in December 2010 for their tour:


Translated: „A great praise and a big thank you to the team of the Wacken Foundation. We hope that many more artists will benefit from their support and that you keep on like this with your great work!"



Geordie Blackcore / Hell-Ö-tainment

...about the support of an organisation of a concert in 2015:


"Big thumbs up, that the Wacken Foundation exists - this should be a common model and many more solvent institutions should support local scences Germany-wide. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to keep on, to support my local scene including bands and locations, so that the  Rhine-Main-Neckar region can keep on rocking \m/ "



...about the support in May 2013 for their CD production and tour:


Translated: "The support from the Wacken Foundation is very important for us. Not just because it takes as a band and our striving for professionalism forward, but also because the Wacken Open Air and his values about Heavy Metal and the subculture affected us as we were teenagers. In times of decreasing sales figures and the world of overstimulation, projects like the Wacken Foundation are essential to maintain alternative and special music. Thank you very much for that!"





... about the support in December 2013 for their tour:


Translated: "At this point we want to say thank you again to the Wacken Foundation! Without the financial and especially uncomplicated support it would not have been able to be the support act at the Kunstraubtour from InExtremo. It took us as a band a big step forward. We as the band and the crew are extremely grateful and we respect it, that there are people left, who believe in hand made rock music."





...about the support in April/May 2011 for their CD production:


Translated:"The support from the Wacken Foundation helped us a lot as musicians and artists. The development of the band and the realization of the projects have been important steps for the development of HELLDORADOS. Thank you very much and great respect... cause if you guys Rock, HELLDORADOS Roll!"




...about the support for the tour, new Merchandise and the CD production in december 2014:


"We have summarized our feedback in a small video:

We are incredibly happy to help the WF at the Greenfield Festival!

As we said in the video, Immersion and especially our debut EP would not have been possible in this form without the WF. Last year it was possible to play some incredible performances and we were able to get to work with music. A year in which we have learned so much. It was possible to have time for it, which we owe to the Wacken Foundation!

Many, huge thanks!



Tobi, Fabi, Dani, Chris, Nils, Yannick - Immersion."


...about the support in February 2013 for their tour:


"Along with Laboga amplifiers & Cables and ESP Guitars & Basses, Wacken Foundation is the 3rd partner who believed in our hard work. Equipments are also very important but Wacken Foundation helped us taking a step further in our carrer loaning us 5 thousand euros for buying our van and eliminating the big problem of renting, this is, all the time throwing up our money to the trash. Now we have one thing less to be worried about and by the way, we can rent it for other bands, helping us to earn some money to pay our recordings for an example.

Thanks for your support! We are doing everything we can to be a big band in the near future and who knows to play at Wacken Festival someday;)"



...about the support in August 2012 for their tour: 


Translated: "Hey Guys! Thank you very much for the support. You saved us and enabled an important step forward. In times of decreasing sales figures it is hard for newcomer bands to move on. Thanks to the Foundation, because they are helping bands to skip the difficulties in times like these. That protects the variety and independence of the musicmaking metalheads!"



Killfloor Mechanic


...about the support in May 2013 for their tour:

Translated: "Hello Wacken Foundation Crew,
what shall we say?! Without you our tour with Finntroll and Keep of Kalessin would have remained just a dream. Thank you very much for your support. We have made an important step for the band and with these two scandinavian bands we reached many people. You helped a band from Lübeck to make themselve international noticable. We can book this tour as a success, also because of our professional appearance and resulting from this, the feedbacks and new contacts. We hope, that you can continue to support musicians. Again thank you very much!"




...about the support of the participation of a band member in a studio workshop:


"We spent nine days in The Famous Hertz Studio in Bialystok city , the capital of Podlaskie Voivodeship , which is the biggest city in the north east of Poland! The first day of the course was about preparing drums for recording which was really impressive because they spent so much  time to stretch and tune the drum heads to get the sound!


The next two days the course featured special guests : Daray (Vesania, Vader, Hunter, Dimmu Borgir) at the drums and Vogg (Decapitated, Vader, Mux Occulta) playing guitars! Two amazing professional musicians who talked about  their gear and techniques and why they are using them for recording their music.After that we made microphones and preamps tests on vocals and guitars and made comparison between them and we received very good tips about drum editing, midi drums and phase alignement.


The sixth day was about bass and vocals recording with a very talented young singer. On the seventh and eights day we learned a lot about mixing, and they showed us how to start a mix from the beggining to the final result. The last day was about the mastering, and we learned the secrets of Hertz Studio mastering sound!


The experience In Hertz studio allowed me to improve my mixing and production techniques, and I am very grateful for that. Thank you guys! And thanks to the Wacken Foundation for Helping me to get the financement for this amazing experience!"

Lord Volture


...about the support in May 2011 for their CD-Production:


"The contribution of Wacken Foundation enabled us to increase the audio production of our second studio album by buying more studio time in a better studio. Wacken Foundation is a great initiative for rising artists!

Please find attached a band photo, live photo's and the cover artwork of the studio album for which we used the contribution of Wacken Foundation."



Mark Cross

...about the support in January 2017 for a new set of drums: 



„You guys rock! A thousand thanks for your help!


Your action simply shows, that you stand behind the Music, the Artist and step in, when help is needed!


Much appreciated and highly recommended! :)


Mark Cross ‘‘




...about the tour support in January 2015:


"Besides others thanks to the generous support and the loan of the Wacken Foundation it was possible for Maxxwell to take over the support slot for Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock. Almost 25 concerts later we recognized the effect of this tour. The name of the band could be made more popular, more concerts followed and the reception was great. We had a great time - and this is the most important thing. Thank you very much."



May The Silence Fail

...about the support in February 2015 for their tour (extract):


"In the first place we want to thank you. The support and the financial help is of inestimable value for newcomer bands. It is a great concept for bands on the rough terrain of the music industry, especially in alternative genres. In this sense: Keep on!"


...about the support in January 2015 for their studio production:


"The communication was always fast and polite and we would like to say thank you for the help. We did not expect that we as a young and unknown band are being recognized here, let alone receiving support. We were as surprised as thankful when the Wacken Foundation informed us to help us with the realisation of our concert album." 

Misanthrope Monarch

...about the support for their CD production in May 2016:



„We were fully able to realize our idea of the first album „Regress To The Saturnine Chapter“, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Wacken Foundation.


Creativity and production often suffer from time pressure and financial straits. We were able to preempt those problems completely and we are truly thankful to our supporters. “



Mourning Divine


...about the support in March 2012 for their CD production and equipment:

Translated: "An infinite thanks and a deep bow to the Wacken Foundation for the support, which made our dream come true. The contribution and the loan enabled our album production. Our CD was sold in France, England, a few Easter European countries, Canada, the United States and Brasil. The CD was sold in smaller quantities but nevertheless we received great reviews for the CD and we are very happy, that the Wacken Foundation enabed all this."




...about the support in March 2015 for their tour:


"Thank you so much for the support. The Tour was amazing. An unforgettable experience. Very expensive but with your help we were able to do it."



Ninety Four X

...about the support in November 2014 for their CD release:


"Thanks for the support! You helped us a lot and our EP "Renegade" is fantastic. It all worked out wonderfully. Many thanks!"


...for the support of the tour in may 2014:


"It is and will always be tremendously difficult for an unknown metal act to meet the breakeven point for whatever endeavor they plan to do during their life-career. Either if it is a studio recording, get equipment or to tour outside their country.

Without a good and respected resume, no money will ever feed the band’s arks and with no money, lots of these things cannot be achieved. This is where Wacken-Foundation helps breaking that vicious cycle.

The loan and contribution received by Wacken-Foundation were essential to complete the second leg of the tour through Europe in 2014. After the first one during April/May, the band got completely underfinanced having still some serious commitments yet to meet. As the tour kick-off date was approaching, we were running out of options to finance that side of the tour. We were searching for a cheaper way to move from point A to point B in Europe and that meant using trains and/or buses still having to transport backline with us. Most likely a complete mess or simply not happening at all.

Thanks to the economic support of WF, the band could pay for the transportation (van rental) and cover a good part of the gas costs in a 12-day tour through Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Holland and Belgium.

Someone helping small extreme bands to achieve their goals is something you do not get to see that often. We were lucky enough to see it.

Thanks Wacken-Foundation for the support.





...about the support in July 2011 for their tour:


Translated: "Thank you very much for the support for our contribution at the In-Extremo-Tour "Sterneneisen"!"



Old Stone


... about the support in March 2014 for the CD production:


Translated: "Thank you ver much for the support! With the financial backing you helped us to continue our project and finally to release our first album. Great thing, thank you, Wacken!""





...about the support in May 2012 for their tour:


"Wacken Foundation has given us the opportunity to tour the US for the first time! We thank you very much for that!"





...about the support in March 2013 for their tour:


Translated: "Thank you, Wacken Foundation! For sure we were not your easiest case - we are all the more pleased, that you supported us anyway. You are on the right way to maintain the heavy metal in the world. If there were no more newcomer bands one day, the great diversity would be vanished. But that's it, what constitutes the Metal-Circus. That's why you can see yourself as a important pillar und you can be proud of!!! THANK YOU, Wacken Foundation!"



Plaque Upon The Ocean

...about the support for the CD production in december 2014:

"Wacken Foundation ... your help came quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much! Without you it would not have been possible for us, PLAGUE UPON THE OCEAN, to produce our EP in this way. 

We thank you and are in your debt. Whenever you need our help: You can count on us! "

Plenty of Nails

...about the support for the purchase of a backdrop


Porta Nigra

...about the support in April 2014 for their studio recordings:


"In the beginning of 2014 the Wacken Foundation supported us financially to finish our secong album. Through the donation we had the chance to get in touch with the well-known producer Achim Köhler. An experience that was really worth it. Nowadays it is very difficult for bands with ambitions because lables do not really want to invest in new artists.Therefore it is great to a partner like the Wacken Foundation. Even though the financial amount was only a small part of the whole budget, but we are nevertheless very glad, that we did not have to cover all costs on our own." 




...about the support in December 2015 for their Tour: 


"With the decision of Wacken Foundation to support our way up we received the opportunity to take the bigger part of the risk in the management of our live shows. This raised our band’s reputation in the eyes of the promoters, and they began to consider our suggestions more seriously. Thus we made plenty of gigs in already approved destinations and in experimental ones, opening new doors for the metal culture in the region and in Europe. Thanks to Wacken Foundation our music reached more fans and indeed our career  was set on a new higher level!"



...about the support in September 2016 for their tour with Udo Dirkschneider:


"To be a part of the metal titan Udo DIRKSCHNEIDER's "Back to the Roots" tour with special guests ANVIL is a dream that a band from South-Eastern Europe could never ever dream… Thanks to Wacken Foundation we lived this dream playing at more than 2000 km from our home country! After 60 hours of driving with no rest we arrived on time for the sound check at Aarhus, Denmark. Directly from the crazy road we came out on the stage. It’s an awesome experience and probation of the spirits. Most of the shows in Sweden were sold out. The public was listening for the first time Bulgarian heavy metal. Without you, Wacken Foundation, we would not be able to make a tour like this in Scandinavia!


Your support is invaluable for us!. There were hard times when even the existence of RAMPART was questionable...but due to your exceptional help we succeeded to survive and to fulfill unbelievable for our band goals! Now we are signed to a new label and to a new management agency! For us this is a big step forward, we achieved a new level. Thank you for the chance we received! No doubt you are the biggest supporter of metal worldwide!"

Red Dawn

...about the support in November 2013 for their CD release: 


“Support from the Wacken Foundation was immensely helpful to us as we self-financed our CD recording, mastering, and release. New Zealand is a very small market (only 4 million in the entire country), and a relatively poor country as well. So the very generous assistance made a massive difference to our efforts. We've nearly sold out of our first pressing of 300 cds, and will likely do a second pressing due to slow but steady demand (esp international; both Japan and Germany have been incredibly supportive). For a small band, from a small country, struggling to make ends meet, the Wacken Foundation are a metalheads best friend! :)”



... about the support for their tour:


"It is not easy for a new band starting from zero and have a good tour. It's a long way from the US and the Wacken Foundation made it possible that we were able to play a great club tour in 2012.
Many thanks to Enno and the Wacken Foundation - you are doing a great job. Hope to see you again.






Sharon Tate


...about the support in February 2012 for merchandise and concerts:


Translated: "The loan from the Wacken Foundation helped us a lot! Great thing! I wish, that this remains in existence and more bands can benefit from the support, which is not natural at all."





...about the support in May 2013 for their merchandise:


Translated: "The financial support from the Wacken Foundation made it possible for us to buy a backdrop for concerts and high-quality merchandise. Buy selling the merchandise we can earn money for more merchandise, concerts and equipment. Thats good for the start of a new band, which means already many costs. Thank you very much!"

Snot Nose Kids


... about the support in October 2014 for their CD production:


Translated: "Dear Wacken Foundation, thank you very much again for the great support! Among other things we are going to release a vinyl record with a metal-cover! That will be awesome! Thank you so much!

Best regards,



...about the support of their CD release and merchandise in June 2016:


"Uncomplicated and very fast. Many thanks, you are a big help for musicians. What else would be helpful is a kind of advisory service with people who could help with knowhow or contacts, that bands could address in case they need it."

Split Heaven

...about the support in August 2014 for their Tour:


"The support Split Heaven has received from Wacken Foundation is priceless, without this great project, our 2012 and 2014 European Tours could not have been possible. We will always be thankful to Lara, Enno and all the WF team. Rock on!"



Start A Revolution

...a small extract from their detailed tour report of their tour supported in May 2016: 


"We had some great days and we could do what we like doing most: making music. What else could you want?"



Storm Seeker

...about the support of their CD release in June/July 2016:


"THANKS Wacken Foundation for the uncomplicated support. Without you it would not have been possible for us to present out first EP Pirate Scum and our music video ( with this high quality on our crowded release concert...Thanks!

Ahoy from the Seekers to Wacken - keep rocking!"




...about the support for their tour in 2015:


„The Wacken Foundation made it possible for us to play our first tour as support for Heldmaschine – Thanks a lot!"

...about the support for their video production in 2016:



„Thanks to the Wacken Foundation we were able to produce a high-quality music video   to one of our new songs. Everything went smoothly – many thanks!”





... about the support in June 2014 for their toursupport:

"A BIG THANK YOU to the Wacken Foundation for the support!!! With your help we were able to do another tour as a supportband, which took us as a band a big step forward.

The work of the Wacken Foundation is great and we hope, that you keep it up, so metal music will benefit and many more bands und artists can get support.

TENSIDE say thank you very much and horns up!"



Texas Cornflake Massacre

...about the support of their CD release in March 2015:


"We would like to thank the Wacken Foundation for the support of the release of our album "Natural Born Cereal Killers". Many bands know how it is: especially the first album is a big challenge and it is hard to cover it financially. You want to produce it in a good quality and not doing things by halves. The € 1,000 of the Wacken Foundation help us to cover the costs. We are thankful for the donation an´d we are very proud of the outcome. For us with this album a dream came true. Dear Wacken Foundation, you are the best :D All thumbs up!" 



The Very End

...about the support of their tour in March 2013:


"Through the support of the Wacken Foundation the realization of our tour has been simplified and subsequently it became a worthwhile project for the band. In the name of all people involved a big thanks for that! Great that such organisations like you exist and are supporting the metal underground so uncomplicated and close to reality."




...about the tour support in 2016:



„For a mexican thrash metal band is very hard to be known and supported in our own contry, it’s a shame that all of the „Art and Culture Public Organizations“ deny the support and diffusion even for their own people.

Earlier this year, „Tulkas“ (Mexican Thrash Metal) won the Metal Battle in our country, as we all know in México, all of the winning bands must cover all of their expenses by their own, we all are students and half-time employees. Since the begining Tulkas has always been independent in all of the ways, so we started selling our merchandise (CD’s, shirts, patches, stickers) and organized a couple of gigs in order to raise money.

We knew about Wacken Foundation a couple of months before our show in Wacken and we decided to submit our application, it was a surprise when the answer arrived.

Wacken Foundation decided to support us with a donation to cover part of our expenses (plane tickets, accommodation, etc), for us it was a surprise and a great help to made this dream come true.


We received all of the information in time and all of the doubts were cleared, we are so happy to be part of the Wacken Foundation Family and we are truly grateful to know that there are people working to help another bands.





Twist of Fate

... about the support for their CD release in 2014:


“The loan helped us a lot during this time! If you need help, you can absolutely count on the friendly people from the Wacken Foundation. 


Clear recommendation for everyone, who has big plans!“





...about the support in May 2013 for their CD production:


Translated: "We are thrilled from the work of the Wacken Foundation and want to say 'thank you' for the good and reliable cooperation. Unfortunately underground bands will often be disappointed by working with an organization which advertises to support newcomer bands. The Wacken Foundation is definitley not such an organization. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"




Until The Moment Comes


...about the support in May 2013 for their CD production and merchandise:


Translated: "We as a band are very thankful for what the Wacken Foundation makes possible for newcomer bands. As a young band such a support is an important facilitation, because it is hard to produce a CD for young artists, especially because of the financial aspects. There should be more people like the Wacken Foundation, who support young artists. Thank you very much, Wacken Foundation, keep it up!"






... about the support in February 2014 for their CD production:


"Thank you very much for the great support! Without you, we would not have been able to achieve this."



Voices of Destiny

...about the support in May 2012 for their tour:


Translated: "Dear Wacken Foundation, thanks to you our dream to be on tour came true! The European Tour with Xandria and Epica will remain in our minds forever and would have been impossible without your support. Thank you very much and keep it up - You are great!"





...about the support in January 2013 for their CD production and equipment:


Translated: "Thank you very much for your support! It has been really uncomplicated and the communication with Enno was nice. It is great, that there is such a thing, especially for bands, who don't already have a label. Thanks to you we found a label now. The Wacken Foundation was a good reference! :)"




...about the support of their tour in December 2014:


"Without this big support of the Wacken Foundation we could not have implemented the German Metal Attack 2014 Tour in this way! Many thanks for the great support!!!"

Words of Farewell


... about the suppport in March 2014 for their music video:


"We from Words of Farewell want to thank the Wacken Foundation for the support. Especially if it comes to bigger investements, bands with members from low income groups (we are all students) have trouble to pay the bills. The Wacken Foundation is an institution, which helps the artists to progress and which takes the metal scene forward: Uncomplicated, unbureaucratically and helpful! We are proud, that there are such possibilites for the scene!"