Thanks a lot to Triebwerk e.V. and Forgotten North

On Saturday the Akademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialberufe (AGS)/Triebwerk e. V. (academy for health care and social professions) visited us at the Wacken Winter Nights. The reason was the handing over of the collected donations during the action painting at the W:O:A 2016. Also Forgotten North took part in the action painting in 2016. They auctioned their painting during one of their concerts in favour of the Wacken Foundation and brought the proceeds to our booth on Friday. Really great. Thank you all so much for your effort!



Thanks a lot to the organiser of the festival "Rock das Ding"

Since 2016 the organiser of the festival Rock das Ding in Lower Saxony supports the Wacken Foundation and collects donations for our foundation. As a thank you for the engagement the Wacken Foundation puts a W:O:A 2017 ticket at his diposal. It will be raffled amongst all purchasers of a Rock das Ding ticket. We wish you a successful festival 2017 and we are particularly pleased that also the supported band Crossplane are playing at your festival.

HOBBY caravan in W:O:A-Look changed hands

Last Friday the successful bidders of the Hobby caravan Ivonne and Tom Konradt came to Wacken and picked up the trailer. As Yvonne loves to travel with caravans and Tom is a regular guest at the W:O:A, both decided together to spontaneously bid for the trailer and with € 17,799.00 they placed the best bid of this auction.

We wish both of them a great time with the caravan and all the best!



THANK YOU Trailer Park Sex!

Since 3 years the supported band Trailer Park Sex is present in the W:O:Arts tent at the Wacken Open Air. They show how to design your own t-shirts with screen printing. Last Friday they visited us in Wacken and brought us € 1.000 donation from their t-shirts sales at the W:O:A 2016. Really great! Thanks a lot guys and Lea (she unfortunately couldn't join on Friday). We are already looking forward to the next yeart with you!



AUCTION: Hobby Caravan in W:O:A-Look

This extremely cool Hobby De Luxe Edition 440 SF with W:O:A outfit has been put at our disposal after the Wacken : Open : Air by Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk. Now it will be auctioned on eBay. The auction will be online for 10 days from Thursday, 11th November 2016 at 6.11 pm until Sunday, 20th November 2016. The income of the auction will as usual be used by the Wacken Foundation to support bands and artist from the hard rock and heavy metal scene. 

The caravan with its sporty design offers a young atmosphere with light furniture fronts, decent red accents and atmospheric light. This travel caravan is extremely compact and maneuvarable but perfectly equipped and comfortable at the same time. Therefore it is exactly the right type to go on tour with you or to visit festivals, concerts, cities or remote camping sites.

The outfit in W:O:A style with distinctive Wacken skull on black background makes this caravan absolutely unique. Additionally the exterior of the Hobby 440 SF is decorated with a collage of popular metal musicians who played at the W:O:A in the last years. Prominent metal heads perpetuated themselves inside the caravan, more precisely on the bathroom door. There are original signatures from Blind Guardian, Heaven Shall Burn, Beyond the Black and Equilibrium.

Here are some more details:

·         Width: 2.30 meters

·         Overall length: 6.138 meters

·         Body length: 4.961 meters

·         Maximum technically permissible laden mass: 1.300 kg

·         Bed space for adults: 4

More details of the features of the Hobby caravan can be found here.

So now place your bid,  purchase this cool caravan by auction and do something good at the same time.


AUCTION: Hawthorne Westerngitarre signed by Blaas of Glory

After  the W:O:A 2016 this Hawthorne western guitar (model: HD 220 incl. ADD String) has been signed by Blaas of Glory and made available to us. The special thing is the additional ADD string. The guitar will now be auctioned in favour of the Wacken Foundation. The auction starts on Sunday, 30th October 2016 at 6:03 pm and will be online for one week. Here is the link to the auction - available on Sunday evening.


Here are some more details of the western guitar:


Design: Dreadnought

Top: Spruce

Bridge: Rosewood

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Finish: Satin, Nature

AddString complements the guitar with an additional string

AddString gives each guitar a fuller and more beautiful sound


We would like to thank Blaas of Glory and hope for an active participation in the auction for the support of hard rock and heavy metal bands and artists.


Your Wacken Foundation

28 October 2016

Exhibition: ROCK FOSSILS – Yes, it is Love!

At 11th November the exhibition "Rock Fossils –  Yes, it is Love!" will be opened in the museum of natural history in Chemnitz. The exhibition will also accommodate the fossil “Wacken-Ichthyo” which was named after the Wacken Open Air.


The opening event contains everything what the metal heart desires: the Swedish heavy metal band WOLF will play an exclusive concert. As the gibt sich mit einem Exklusivkonzert die Ehre. The stage for the band is nothing less than the well-known petrified forest in the Tietz. Last but not least there will be available a special Stonewood-Beer and a Rock-Fossil t-shirt designed by Motörhead-Logo-Designer Joe Petagno. In line with the theme the organisers support the Wacken Foundation by presenting our informatipon material on site. We would like to say thank you for the support and we wish a great kick-off of the exhibition which takes place from 12th November 2016 to18th April 2017.


26 October 2016