Hamburg Metal Dayz 2013


Elbriot 2013

Bloodstock 2013

Fourth stop of the festival tour: Bloodstock Open Air, England

Wacken Foundation Camp at the W:O:A 2013

Third stop of the festival tour: W:O:A

Rockharz 2013

Second stop of the festival tour: Rockharz
Everything is unloaded and ready for the set-up.
All together are building up the charging station.
Final adjustments during the set-up.
Everything is built up. Time for dinner!
Our Jenny pedals herself to show the guests how it works...
...and no matter if the sun shines...
...or clouds are gathering...
...everyone has fun while pedalling, load their phones at the same time...
...and have a perfect view to the main stage!
Our booth was very crowded during the raffle drawings.
...and here one of the enthusiastic winners.
Enno (curator) with his buddy on the way to the Rockharz by bike...
...and the proof picture: both arrived at the festival site!
Sundown at the Rockharz.

Nova Rock 2013

First stop of the festival tour: Nova Rock in Austria
In the middle of the assembly of our booth.
With our banner we create a backstage area for us.
Our tent is completely furnished.
Our phone charging station is fully set up.
The test: our phone charging station glows and ready to be used!
All set up - everything's ready for the guests.
Also during the night our booth has been well attended.
Posing please!
The main stage of the Nova Rock.
Just smile and wave!
Our crowded booth during the drawing of a raffle.
The campground of the Nova Rock.
The view from our booth to the infield.
One of the lucky winners of our raffles.