After their Wacken Open Air performance in 2015 Running Wild donated four signed amplifier covers to us.

The Wacken Foundation received € 1420.00 through this auction.

A big thank you to the participants, Rock`n`Rolf and Running Wild.


On the Wacken 2015 in the W:O:Art tent the Slovenian artist Sebastjan Šeremet has presented a new piece of art and this picture was specially painted for the Wacken Foundation. The main motive is the Wacken logo and the skull symbolize the metal fans to thousands visit the festival every year.



This includes a sketch which was exhibited at the Artist Village and on the glass pane have the following bands members signed. The Boss Hoss, TSO, Cannibal Corpse, In Extremo und Sepultura


The artwork was auctioned for € 401.00 in favour of hard rock and heavy metal bands and artists.


We would like to thank the participants of the auction and Sebastjan Šeremet,  for this unique picture and sketch.


In the W:O:Art Tent 2015 Grone Schulen Niedersachsen presented a project of the active center of Osnabrück .


“To create something great“


this was the wish of several metal enthusiastic participants by rebuilding a copy of the Wacken Open Air Main stages. The project started in winter 2014 and half a year later the stage was finished including lights and a fog machine. The special feature: the stage has been completely made out of wood although none of the participants had previous experience in wood craft.


€ 560.50 was the outcome of this action in favour of the Wacken Foundation.


Our thanks go to the participants and to the Grone Schulen Niedersachsen to us this special miniature Main stage incl. FOH tower has made available.



At the open house day 2015 at the company premises of Fehrs Baustoffe in Vaale the chainsaw artist Michael Knüdel designed this heavy W:O:A Skull from an oak trunk. The wood tribe and the material was sponsored by Fehrs Baustoffe.


The auction collected € 351.00 for the Wacken Foundation. 


A big thanks goes to Arne Fehrs, who has given this unique W:O:A Skull to the Wacken Foundation









This Wacken skull from airbrush artist Peer Elshoff from Kiel has been auctioned after the W:O:A 2015. Since 30 years Peer Elshoff designs different items and is one of the custom painting pioneers in Germany. Inspired from the big burning skull between the main stages at the W:O:A he had the idea to create a Wacken skull that is made of 2 millimeters thick steel and cut by lasers. It has been refined with the techniques Real Flames/True Fire.


At the W:O:A 2015 the Wacken skull was exhibited in the artist village and signed by some artists. Besides others some members of the bands The Boss Hoss, Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence and Sepultura placed their signatures on the metal-skull.


A big thank you goes to Peer Elshoff who has given this unique Wacken skull to the Wacken Foundation!


€ 1210.00 was the outcome of this aution for the Wacken Foundation.




Nelli the Artist is a freelancing Artist from the north of Germany with Swiss roots, who excitedly observes the Wacken Open Air since its founding in 1990.


For the 25th anniversary in 2014, Nelli the Artist started a retrospective about the twenty-five years of the W:O:A. His pieces are assemblages (85 x 65 cm) in a black shellac double frame with different motives. There is one thing they have in common which is that they show 1/4 m² of the Wacken Open Air ground that you can touch.


The pictures “W:O:A 2014 A1” and “W:O:A 2013 A1” each show 1/4 m² Holy Ground of the respective years and contain original ground of the Wacken Open Air. In the artist’s view they contribute to catch the feeling and the atmosphere of the festival and thus it can be relived.


They were in the Artist Village during the Wacken Open Air and was amongst others signed by members of the following bands: Sepultura, The Boss Hoss, In Extremo, TSO/Savatage and Skyline.


The Wacken Foundation received € 302.11 through this auction.


Thanks a lot to Nelli the artist for making the pictures available to us!

W:O:A Metal Corsage

This unique corsage in W:O:A-look has been produced by metal artist Ingo Roeder. As a diehard metal fan Ingo donated the corsage to the Wacken Foundation to support young hard rock and heavy metal bands. All the income of the auction was in favour of our non-profit foundation.


Originally he designed the corsage for his girlfriend who is an enthusiastic Wacken guest since 25 years. With loving attention to detail he heated up every piece of metal and adjusted them to her body. The model on the pictures wears t-shirt size medium, cup size C and underbust measurement 80. The corsage can also be formed into another size when the metal bars are being heated up. On top we put the matching silver ring with Wacken-skull.


The auction took place on eBay and we received € 289.30 through the auction.


A big thank you to Ingo and to all bidders of the auction!


W:O:A Action Painting Pictures "Boot" and "Elsa"

At the W:O:A 2014 the AGS (Academy for Health and Social Professions) offered “Actionpainting” within the profession initiative “Tiebwerk” in the W:O:Arts tent in the Wacken Foundation Camp. Guests of the W:O:A could give free rein to their creativity and create their own artwork. The last few weeks all the paintings have been exhibited in Itzehoe during the intercultural week. Now the artworks will be auctioned in favour of the initiative “Triebwerk” and the Wacken Foundation.


The first two paintings have been auctioned via two parallel auctions on eBay from Tuesday, 15th October 2014, approx. 6:00 pm. The auctions have been online for five days until Sunday, 19th October 2014, approx. 6:00 pm.


The first painting is named “boot” and has been painted by Maren from Hamburg. It is sized approx. 60 cm x 60 cm and has been painted with oilpen on hard fiber and it also has a screen printed Wacken Foundation logo. The second picture is called “Elsa” and has been painted by Simon from England. It is also sized approx. 60 cm x 60 cm and has been painted with acryl on hard fiber.


A big thank you to the profession initiative “Tiebwerk” for implementing "Actionpainting" at the W:O:A 2014. We would also like to thank all guests for taking part and of course to thanks to all participants of the auctions.

Lemmy on Canvas

This artwork “Lemmy on Canvas” by Andreas Ole Ohlendorff is handsigned by artists of the W:O:A 2014. It is a fine art print on canvas (100cm x 140 cm) and has been reworked by Ohlendorff with structure paste, collage and gold bronze. Now it is being auctioned in favour of the Wacken Foundation. The income will benefit young metal and hard rock bands.


The artwork has been signed by


- Mayhemic Destructor and Cruor from "Endstille"
- Pete Sage and Bkörn Both from "Santiano"
- Buzz Dee and Rajko Gohlke from "Knorkator"
- Mikkey Dee from "Motörhead"
- Biff Byford from "Saxon" and
- Doro Pesch


The auction has been online on eBay for one week, started Sunday, 10th August 2014. The Wacken Foundation received € 1,610 through the auction. A big thanks to Adreas Ole Ohlendorff and all bidders of the auction.