Auction: Backdrop from Grave Digger

To support the work of the Wacken Foundation, Grave Digger donated us their backdrop with the cover artwork of their album "Liberty or Death". The backdrop measures 6,93 x 4,46meters. It has been auctioned in April 2014 on eBay. 

The income of € 257,99 benefitted the Wacken Foundation and bands from the hard rock and heavy metal scene will be supported with the income.



Signed Paradise Lost Banner


At the Wacken Open Air 2012 the band members of Paradise Lost decided to donate their banner with the cover artwork of their new album “Tragic Idol”, released in April 2012, to the Wacken Foundation. The death metal band, which has been founded in 1987, wants to support the Wacken Foundation’s work and promote promising metal bands.

The banner of the CD cover of their thirteens’ album that has been signed by all band members - Nick Holmes, Greg Mackintosh, Aaron Aedi, Steve Edmondson und Adrian Erlandson – has been auctioned. The foundation received € 254.22 from the auction. We wish the successful bidder a lot of fun with the banner and thank Paradise Lost for the donation.