Hawthorne Westerngitarre signed by Blaas of Glory

After  the W:O:A 2016 this Hawthorne western guitar (model: HD 220 incl. ADD String) has been signed by Blaas of Glory and made available to us. The special thing is the additional ADD string. The guitar has been auctioned in favour of the Wacken Foundation in November 2016.


The auction brought in € 101.00 for the Wacken Foundation. We would like to thank Blaas of Glory for the guitar and we congratulate the successful bidder of the auction.


In summer 2016 the company Gibson sponsored this beautiful guitar to the Wacken Foundation.

All band members of Trivium signed the front of the guitar in Munster during their tour 2016. Afterwards the guitar including the case and a CD have been auctioned on eBay.

The income of € 681.00 benefitted the Wacken Foundation.

A big thank you to Gibson, to the Wacken Open Air for the contact and of course a special thanks to Trivium and all participants of the auction.


In August 2015 we auction this guitar. This E-Guitar with a handmade, three-dimensional corpus, looks like the Wacken skull. Creator of the extraordinary design is guitar builder Thomas Schultz (Insane Guitars)– the usual guitars do not have the individual character he wanted to create. “I wanted the guitar to have a special form and I’m a big Wacken fan for a long time. So my idea was to make it look like the skull as it is the flagship of Wacken and everybody knows it.”

During the Wacken Open Air we exhibited the guitar at the Artist Village. In this way some artists signed the guitar like the TSO/Savatage members Angus Clark, Jeff Scott Soto and Dave Z, Paul Mazorkiewicz and Pat O’Brien from Cannibal Corpse; The Boss Hoss as well as In Extremo.

Some more highlights of the instrument: the body is made of a one-piece khaya mahagony block, the neck is made of maplewood, provided with a palisades fingerboard and 22 frets. The knobs are made of metal, tailpieces and bridge are chromed. The Guitar has black mechanics and a metal plate with the engraving “Nr. 01 Wacken Edition”. 

The auction took place on eBay. € 1,260 could be raised through this auction for the Wacken Foundation.

Thanks a lot to Thomas and of course to all bidders of the auction!

Auction: HOHNER Guitar signed by Blaas of Glory at the W:O:A 2013

This Essential Pro Folk EP1-SF guitar has been made available to the Wacken Foundation by the band Blaas of Glory. The band members have signed the guitar on the back side and now the guitar is being auctioned in favour of hard rock and heavy metal bands. The auction started on Sunday, 30th November 2014 at 6pm and lasted for one week.The guitar has been auctioned for € 104.61.

A big thanks to all participants of the auction!

LANIKAI UKULELE mit Unterschriften von Blaas of Glory

This LANIKAI tenor ukulele has made available to the Wacken Foundation by Blaas of Glory. The band members have all signed the ukulele and handed it over to the Wacken Foundation at the W:O:A 2014. It has been auctioned in favour of the Wacken Foundation and the auction brought € 110 for the Wacken Foundation. 

Here are the technical details of the ukulele:






43.8 cm

nut width:

33.3 cm



back and sides:















nature, matt

A big thanks to Blaas of Glory and thanks to all participants of the auction in favour of hard rock and heavy metal bands and artists.

E-Bass with band signatures of the Hamburg Metal Dayz 2013


This Nikki Sixx E-bass guitar from Epiphone has been signed by all performing bands from the Hamburg Metal Dayz 2013, e.g. Children of Bodom, Rage, Accuser and Eskimo Callboy.


In December 2013 we auctioned this guitar on eBay in favour of the Wacken Foundation, who supports young hard rock and metal bands with the proceeds. The guitar has been sold for 693€.

On top we put a t-shirt from Children of Bodom's studio album “Halo of Blood“ with signature of all band members.

A big thanks to Epiphone for putting the bass at our disposal!

Guitar raffle of the Wacken Foundation at Hamburg Metal Dayz 2012


The Wacken Foundation was present at the Hamburg Metal Dayz in order to communicate the foundation’s mission and to call the attention of other bands from the metal scene on the possibilities that are offered by the Wacken Foundation, the foundation was represented with an info booth at the Hamburg Metal Dayz. Every day there was taking place a raffle of a guitar that has been provided by EPIPHONE. The proceeds of € 1 per participant benefited % 100 the Wacken Foundation.

The total amount of donations for the Wacken Foundation collected at the Hamburg Metal Dayz was € 1,300.00.

Signed guitar from Sonisphere bands sold for a good cause


Saint Nikolas is a rocker because as a surprise he had a very special guitar with him.

A Jackson JS1R Dinky – the good piece has been signed by Volbeat, Black Dahlia Murder, Firewind, Tesseract, Sylosis, Architects, Rise To Remain, Paradise Lost, Arch Enemy, The Answer, Fozzy and even Limp Bizkit at the Sonisphere-Festival.Therefore the guitar became a unique collector’s item and perfect for every musician with good taste.

The sale on ebay started in the beginning of December 2011. Already after 5 minutes the guitar has been sold for € 470.00.