Hobby De Luxe Edition 440 SF in W:O:A design

This extremly cool Hobby De Luxe Edition 440 SF in W:O:A design has been provided by Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk and was auctioned after the W:O:A 2016. € 17,799 were generated. As always, the Wacken Foundation uses the proceeds to support hard rock and heavy metal bands and artists.

The caravan is very solid and flexible and yet perfectly equipped. Therefore it’s just right to go on tour with you or to visit festivals, concerts, cities or outland campgrounds.

Beside the unmistakable Wacken-Skull on black ground the outside is decorated with a mashup of famous metal musicians, who have played at the W:O:A. Some of them even signed the bathroom door, among others Blind Guardian, Heaven Shall Burn, Beyond the Black and Equilibrium.


W:O:A myBoo bamboo bike

In December 2014 we auctioned another myBoo bamboo bike in W:O:A design. We generated about € 3,000 by both auctions (September and December). Half of the money goes to a longtime partner of myBoo, the Yonso project in Ghana. This non-profit organization helps to sustainably improve the local education system and the life of the people.


At the W:O:A and the Hamburg Metal Dayz 2014 the bamboo bike was signed by many artists, including:

Doro, Any Given Day, Motorjesus, Tankard, Mayhemic Destructor und Cruor von „Endstille“, Bülent Ceylan, Profane Omen, Finntroll, Alpha Tiger, Hatesphere, Beyond the Black, Tankard, Mambo Kurt



Thanks a lot to both buyers and many thanks to myBoo for the great cooperation!

Hobby Caravan im W:O:A Design

This Caravan in W:O:A design has been provided by the Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk to the Wacken Foundation. It has been auctioned for a good cause. The proceeds will be used to support young Metal and Hard-Rock Bands. The auction started Thursday, 28th August 2014 at 6:07pm for 10 days and ended on Sunday, 7th September 2014 at 6:07pm.

The Hobby Caravan Premium 560 CFe has been newly designed with matt black foil and white and prominent Wacken branding and became the special model Hobby Caravan Premium 560 WOA. Trainees of the Hobby training workshop worked for three months on this special project and developed most of the features of the interior design on their own. The living area is now equipped with a comfortable corner sofa, a huge flatscreen and a powerful sound system. LED-illumination, the cool E-guitar with the decent illuminated strings, a Playstation, an air conditioner and an onboard beer pump for your draught beer, complete the W:O:A design of the Caravan. Additionally the refrigerator door of the caravan was signed by several artists during the Wacken Open Air, e.g. by Tom Angelripper from Sodom/Onkel Tom, Mikkey Dee from Motörhead and Bülent Ceylan (german comedian).

The price of the Hobby Caravan Premium 560 CFe ex factory is € 23.420. Because of the additional equipment of the WOA- model, the value of the Caravan is approximately €30.000.

The vehicle is a new, non-registered vehicle with signs of use. The statutory warranty period for the vehicle is 2 years. Excluded from the warranty is the vehicle foliation. Furthermore there is a five-year-guarantee for tightness. This is only valid if there is a yearly inspection of the caravan at an authorized professional retailer (recorded in a service book).

We would like to thank the Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk for their generous donation of the caravan. The income of the auction on eBay through the caravan was € 36,500. Thanks a lot to the generous bidder!

my Boo bamboo bikes with Wacken branding

This signed My Boo bamboo bike with Wacken branding has been auctioned in favour of the Wacken Foundation and the Yonso project in Ghana. The auction started on Sunday, 24th August 2014 at 6 pm and was online for one week.

This bike links the unique flair of the Wacken Open Air with the awesome technical features of my Boo bamboo bikes. The special spraying was made in Germany for the unique look. There are different highlights included like a rear mirror and chrome-mudguards.The recommended retail price is € 2350.

Here are more details about the bike:


Basics size       Yoke Brakes Frame: 55 / tyre: 28 high quality aluminium yoke Acera disc brake
Gear/Chain Gearshift Chain Shimano Deore 9-gear Shimano HG50
Sattel Selle Royal
Extras LED-lights, mudguards, bell


At the W:O:A 2014 the my Boo bamboo bike has been signed in the artist area by e.g. the following artists: Mayhemic Destructor und Cruor from „Endstille“, Bülent Ceylan, Mambo Kurt.

The bike was sold for €1,311 that benefitted both above mentioned non-profit projects!

Fendt engine bonnet in W:O:A 2012 design changes hands


On Monday, 21st January 2013 the handing over of the Fendt engine bonnet took place at the agricultural technology company Mengel in Vaale. Fendt has made the bonnet available to the organisers of the Wacken Open Air and at the last W:O:A the airbrush artist Wolfgang Zeh styled the bonnet with the W:O:A 2012 design. Celebrities like Detlev Buck and Markus Kavka as well as bands like Betontod, Endstille, Sactuary und Oomph! signed the bonnet.

The bonnet has been bought now by Roland Kartmann from the company Wotech from Wolnzach in Bavaria. He drove the long way up to the north and picked up the bonnet in person. He himself and his company are not laymen regarding the topic agricultural technology as they take part in the development of components and modules for tractors from Fendt. The engine bonnet will now be admired in Wolnzach in an exhibition room of the company Wotech.

Respectively € 1,500 goes to the kindergartens Vaale and Wacken, € 300 goes to the Wacken Foundation. Both kindergartens will use the money to make a summer trip. The Wacken Foundation will use the donation to keep on supporting metal bands and artists. More information can be found on

The Wacken Foundation and the kindergartens from Vaale and Wacken thank the company Fendt and the organisers of the Wacken Open Air and wishes Mr. Kartmann a lot of pleasure with the engine bonnet.

"Wacken Combo"


Also in 2011 the Wacken Open Air has been supported with vehicles from Opel Koch Itzehoe ( The car dealer has auctioned off the „Wacken – Combo“ that has been used at the WOA 2011 as emergency vehicle.

The profit of the auction has been donated by Opel Koch Itzehoe to the Wacken Foundation.