During the festival season 2014 we were at eight festivals in Germany and Switzerland to attract more attention for the Wacken Foundation.

Always on board was our tent, which you could quickly recognize because of the Wacken Foundation branding and an inexhaustible crew, who informed you  about the Wacken Foundation's work. Plus we always brought a mobile phone charging station from THE ELECTRIC HOTEL, where you the guests could charge their mobile phones by cycling.

We had a great summer and would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth.





Gelsenkirchen, Germany
DISTANCE260 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVALFriday, 6th June until Sunday, 8th June - 3 DAYS
DURATION WITH JOURNEY Wednesday, 4th June until Monday, 9th June - 6 DAYS

The first festival of the Wacken Foundation festival tour 2014 was the Rock Hard Festival in the Ruhr area in Germany. The spot for our booth was perfectly located: between the entrance to the camping ground and the entrance to the infield. Therefore every festival guest automatically passed  by.


Instead of a raffle we took our wheel of fortune, and everyone could take part in the game for a donation to the Wacken Foundation. There were no blanks, every  try was a price. Therefore many “repeaters” tried their luck more than one time during the Rock Hard Festival. In total we received more than  € 1,000 donations for the support of hard rock and heavy metal bands and artists. Thanks a lot to all the donors at the Rock Hard Festival.


And a big thanks to the promoter of the Rock Hard for having us and looking after us!!





Interlaken, Switzerland
DISTANCE643 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVALThursday, 12th June until Saturday, 14th June - 3 DAYS
DURATION WITH JOURNEY Tuesday, 10th June until Sunday, 15th June - 6 DAYS

For our second festival this year we travelled down south. In Interlaken in Switzerland we built up our booth just beside the Club Stage.


We had our wheel of fortune with us again and a lot of prices. And the wheel did not often stand still. The audience was very mixed but all in all everyone was in a great mood and a lot of people were very generous and happy to be able to help us with a donation when we told them the purpose of the foundation. In total we received donations of almost € 2,500 - thank you so much everyone who donated or took part in our game!


We hope that we can come again to the Greenfield Festival next year and we thank the festival organizer for the chance to present the Wacken Foundation in Switzerland.





Ballenstedt, Germany
DISTANCE234 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVALThursday, 10th July until Saturday, 10th July - 3 DAYS
DURATION WITH JOURNEYWednesday, 9th July until Sunday 13th July - 5 DAYS

The third festival of our tour 2014 was Rockharz, which is located on a small airfield near Ballenstedt. Like in the year before we set up our booth in the infield with view to the two main stages - a perfect spot!


Already during the first two days so many people tried their luck at our wheel of fortune, that we were running out of prizes. Our booth was continuously very, very well visited and the visitors charged their phone on our mobile charging station the whole day until late night.


Thank you to all donors and participants of the wheel of fortune. You helped us to earn almost € 2,000 for the good cause. And many thanks of course to the organizer of the Rockharz!!





Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany
DISTANCE282 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVALThursday, 17th July until Saturday, 19th July - 3 DAYS
DURATION WITH JOURNEYWednesday, 16th July until Sunday 20th July - 5 DAYS


Number 4: a small Festival on a tip in the middle of the Ruhr area – the Dong Open Air. With about 2000 visitors there was a familiar atmosphere. Our booth, located on the other side of the tent with the stage, defined the small infield with some other booths.


Despite the fact that it was hot as hell there were many visitors who pedalled at our mobile phone charging station. Fortunatley the security guys built improvised showers to cool us all down. The raffle we organized appealed to the visitors especially on Saturday, when the first prize was an Epiphone electric guitar with a W:O:A Branding. All in all we could earn round about € 240.


A big thanks goes out to the all the participants and all the other donors. Furthermore we thank the promoters for having us at their awesome event “Dong Open Air 2014”!





Wacken, Germany
DATE OF THE FESTIVALThursday, 31th July until Saturday, 2nd August - 3 DAYS
DURATION WITH JOURNEYMonday, 21th July until Monday, 4th August - 15 DAYS

Home match! The fifth festival for us was the Wacken Open Air - right in front of our door. But that does not mean, that we had less work. Beside the wheel of fortune and the mobile charging station with bikes, we had to organize many other projects in the Wacken Foundation Camp. For example we had the big W:O:Art tent with different exhibitions like the history exhibition about the last 25 years of the Wacken Open Air and exhibitions from different artists. Furthermore Sport Tiedje organized a kettlebell challenge, the Musikschulenverband Schleswig-Holstein (music school association of Schleswig-Holstein) organized the "Feet of Hell"-contest and the Akademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialberufe (academy for health care and social professions) implemented the project "Actionpainting". Trailer Park Sex, a band supported by the Wacken Foundation, showed us how they print their merchandise by themselves with the screenprinting process. Furthermore the festival visitors could buy a coffee at the Wacken Coffee Bar.

Beside the W:O:Art tent also the information booth was well-visited. We shared the booth with the Wacken Wall and the Full Metal Army. The festival guests have been informed here about the Wacken Foundation and the Wacken Foundation Camp and bands and artists could inform themselves about how they can get supported by the Wacken Foundation. Furthermore we sold our merchandise and guests could turn the wheel of fortune here.

In the Wacken Foundation Camp we had some partners, who represented themselves with a booth. Partners were for example My Boo GmbH, emco electroroller GmbH, the Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig-Holstein (Chamber of Agriculture of Schleswig-Holstein), Jugend gegen Aids e.V. (youth against aids) and the Autohaus Schlegel. Also charity organisations like Viva con Agua, Skate Aid and Sea Shepherd had some space to present their work. At the booth of the hospital Itzehoe guests could get themselves registered in the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre (DKMS). Their booth was well visited and they registered more than 2,700 festival visitors. The Tag Company printed dog tags with the W:O:A and Wacken Foundation logo in the Wacken Foundation Camp and the staff from Jannys Icecream ensured a delicious refreshment for guests. Furthermore we exhibited beach chairs from Stiftung Mensch and a caravan with W:O:A branding from Hobby. In a cooking tent - equipped by Küchen Kate - survival- and star cooking courses took place. The festival visitors could register in advance. Festivalfounder Thomas Jensen, Onkel Tom Angelripper and Fabian Schwarz from The New Black offered the star cooking courses and all courses went very well.

Furthermore we organized goal scoring and polesitting again and the revenues from these projects benefitted the Wacken Foundation. The polesitting took place in cooperation with Feinklettern and motivated many festival visitors to stay on the pole for six hours in order to win a VIP Upgrade. Like in the last years we had many voluntary helpers, who went on the camp sites and collected the beverage deposit containers. The income from that were for Viva con Agua and the Wacken Foundation. Meanwhile Viva con Agua collected the festival cups and we also shared the income from that.

During the festival we got different things signed by artists performing on the Wacken Open Air. For example a huge picture of Lemmy, painted by Andreas Ole Ohlendorff, two bamboo bikes with W:O:A branding, a part of the Hobby-caravan and an electro scooter from emco. We will auction all these items on ebay within the next weeks and you can bid for them. The income goes to the Wacken Foundation and other charity projects. More information to the auction will follow soon here on our website.


For us the festival was great and successful and we want to thank everyone for their help! Also many thanks to the organizers, who supported us brilliantly as always! 





Hamburg, Germany
DISTANCE47 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVALSaturday, 16th August - 1 DAY
DURATION WITH JOURNEYFriday, 15th August until Saturday, 16th August - 2 DAYS

Our 6th stop was the Elbriot. A bit more than 10.000 visitors entered the festival ground at the Hamburger market place. Our booth was located at the edge of the ground with a good view to the main stage.


During the time before midday we did not have many visitors but starting from midday we had a big queue of people waiting for their turn at the wheel of fortune. They didn’t leave it even if it was a bit rainy. Until late in the night there were many visitors at the wheel of fortune we had to serve and to inform about the work of the Foundation.


We would like thank all donors and participants of the wheel of fortune. You helped us to earn almost € 1,700 for the good cause.







Schleswig, Germany
DISTANCE55 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVALFriday, 29th August until Saturday, 30th August - 2 DAYS
DURATION WITH JOURNEYThursday, 28th August until Sunday, 31th August - 4 DAYS

In the oldest Viking town in Europe we stopped the 7th time on our festival tour, the Baltic Open Air. About 10.000 visitors were at the “Freiheit” in Schleswig  at the last weekend in August to participate in this festival.


On both days of the festival there were many visitors at our booth despite the fact that it was rainy and windy. We were very busy to serve and inform our visitors.


A big thanks goes out to all the donors and participants of the wheel of fortune. You helped us to raise almost € 2.800 for the good cause. Additionally we would like to thank the organizer that he allowed us to join the festival with our booth.







Hamburg, Germany
DISTANCE47 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVALFriday, 19th September until Saturday, 20th September - 2 DAYS
DURATION WITH JOURNEYThursday, 18th September until Sunday, 21th September - 5 DAYS

The 8th and last stop fn our festival tour was in Hamburg at the Hamburg Metal Dayz in the “Markthalle”. About 2,000 visitors took part in the festival on the 19th und 20th of September.

Our booth was close to the entrance, and every visitor passed by. Almost the whole time we had interested guests at our booth.

Our guitar raffle attracted some visitors and on both days we had a lucky participant who won the signed guitar, sponsored by Epiphone. Additionally it was very busy at our wheel of fortune.

We would like to thank all the donors and participants, you helped us to raise almost €2,000 for the good cause. Furthermore a big thanks goes to the organizer who allowed us again to join the festival with our booth.