Wacken, Germany
DATE OF THE FESTIVAL30th until 1st August 2015
DURATION WITH JOURNEY 27th until 2nd August 2015

The weather at the Wacken Open Air in 2015 was completely different to the year before. In our camp we could not look very far through the dust in 2014 but this time we changed the “goal scoring” into “goal throwing”, because the mud was too high for the original game. Unexpectedly all of the pole sitting participants sat on their poles even when it rained the whole time. The weather started to get warmer after two days and long queues built up in front of our wheel of fortune. Additionally our deposit collection campaign was a big success even if the volunteers were not able to use the trikes because of the bad ground conditions.

Many people were visiting the W:O:Artst tent and participated in the Action Painting from Triebwerk who sold paintings of the years 2014 and 2015 in the tent. Trailer Park Sex were again very busy and printed shirts with screen printing. The Musikschulenverband Schleswig-Holstein provided the music and implemented the Feet of Hell Contest. Sport Tiedje executed a rowing contest – the rowing machine will by the way be auctioned in our favor this year.

Through all activities and campaigns at the Wacken Foundation Camp 2015 executed by us and the booth operators plus all the donation cans the booth operators installed at their booths, the Foundation collected over € 15,500. This is a really awesome result.


AGS/Triebwerk e. V., Barmer GEK for developing the Moshpitals, DKMS/Klinikum Itzehoe, Full Metal Army, Full Metal Mountain GmbH, Grone Schulen Niedersachsen, Jag-Shop, Janny’s Eis, Jens Rusch, Jugend gegen Aids e. V., Küchenkate/Kochschule Pinneberg, Kim Schmidt, Landwirtschaftskammer SH, Michaela Lang, Partyprojekt Odyssee e. V., Ohlendorff Art, purefood GmbH mit ihrem FroNatur Frozen Yoghurt, Sea Shepherd, Skate Aid, Soultret – Sebastjan Serement, Sven Ellerbrock, The Tag Company, Trailer Park Sex, Unternehmen Nelson Müller, Viva con Agua, Wellhausen & Walker mit Killnoise Ear Plugs, Wacken Kaffee, Woodcardz

Additionally we would like to warmly thank all of our more than 50 volunteers, who worked for us despite the bad weather.

T H A N X   F O R   Y O U R   S U P P O R T !!!





Ballenstedt, Germany
DISTANCE234 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVAL09th until 11th July 2015
DURATION WITH JOURNEY08th until 12th July 2015

The third station on the festival tour 2015 was the Rockharz Open Air in Ballenstedt which is located in the Harz, Germany. After being in a traffic yam for 5 hours with all the other arriving guests we were finally set up our tent at the festival Infield from which we had a perfect view at the Dark Stage which is one of the main stages.


The wheel of fortune never stood still during the first two days. Luc from the Band Mindpatrol came for a visit and gave some signed books and CDs away. Also Maik from Green Machine took some time to visit us at our booth.

At Saturday afternoon all prices had been given away so we finally had some time to breathe. During these days we were able to collect 2944,00 Euro, for which we want to thank everyone who made this possible.



We also want to thank our volunteer workers Patrick and Thomas from Sic Zone and Leo from Craving. And finally a big thank you goes out to buddy and his team from the Rockharz Open Air 2015 for being so kind to let us have a booth there.

Greenfield Festival 2015




Interlaken, Schwitzerland
DISTANCE643 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVAL11th until 13th June 2015
DURATION WITH JOURNEY 09th until 14th June 2015

For our second festival this year we travelled southwards to Interlaken in Switzerland to the Greenfield Festival 2015. As already in 2014 we put up our tent in the concert area, directly next to the club stage. This location was ideal, many of the mostly young visitors recognized us, were curious and wanted to know what the Wacken Foundation´s work is about.


We brought our wheel of fortune, many prices and our merchandise. Our tent was always well-visited and the wheel did not stand still often. Some prices were already gone after the second day and all together we could collect almost € 2,700 for the good purpose. We would like to thank all donors for taking part and thus supporting young metal artists.


A big thank you also to the organizer and the crew for the hospitality and the help. Last but not least a special thank you to Tobias, Fabi, Dani and Yannick from Immersion, a band that has been supported in 2014 for their CD production. They immediately answered when we asked them for help.





Gelsenkirchen, Germany
DISTANCE260 miles
DATE OF THE FESTIVAL22nd until 24th May 2015
21st until 25th May 2015

The first festival of the Wacken Foundation festival tour 2015 was once again the legendary Rock Hard Festival! The spot for our booth was perfectly located between the entrance to the camping ground and the entrance to the infield. In that way we were visible for every festival visitor.

We had our wheel of fortune with us and everyone could take part in the game for a donation to the Wacken Foundation. There were no rivets and therefore many participants tried their luck more than one time during the Rock Hard Festival. In total we received more than € 1,100 donations for the support of hard rock and metal bands and artists. Thanks a lot to all the donors at the Rock Hard Festival, you’re supporting Metal! And a big thanks to the supported band Sic Zone. They gave us a bit from their merchandise as prices for our wheel of fortune.

And also big thanks to the promoters and the crew of the Rock Hard Festival. We had a great time and we are looking forward to next year!