Rock Hard Festival 2016



Gelsenkirchen, Germany
DATE OF THE FESTIVAL13th until 15th May 2016
DURATION WITH JOURNEY12th until 16th May 2016


We started our festival tour 2016 at the Rock Hard Festival 2016 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

The artists rocked the Amphitheater as usual and we had the chance to meet many new metal heads at our booth and fortune wheel at the Infield, inform them about the Wacken Foundation and gather some donations.


We were very happy to see some of the bands we had supported over the years meet us at the booth such as PY of SIC ZONE and Schaul of Sleepers' Guilt. Also we’ve got visited by Locke and Brain, two moderators of Local Radio Bremen.


We say thank you to all our donators who help support make young metal bands grow!


Also a huge thank you goes out  to Metal Kids and the producers of Rockhard Festival for all the donated stuff and the crew for their warm welcome.