The idea of an arts tent at the Wacken Open Air has been implemented in 2012 for the first time. The big W:O:Arts tent is located in the Wacken Foundation Camp. The motto of the arts tent is art for an from metalheads. The exposition can be accessed for free by all W:O:A guests.  Besides the exposition of “metal arts” there is more to discover in the W:O:Arts tent. Numerous from year to year changing activities are taking place in tent. So come along and check it out!

W:O*Art 2016

The W:O*Arts tent was located a bit different in 2016 directly besides the Metal Market and therefore even morer centrally than before.


The activities to join-in in the arts tent were of course in favour of the Wacken Foundation and consequently to support hard rock and heavy metal bands. Like in the last years the Berufsinitiative Triebwerk (profession initiative) from Itzehoe was on site and conducted their famous action painting with the guests. With pencil and brush everyone could put down on paper what they just hand in mind. Also the Musikschule Schleswig-Holstein (music school) was aboard again. Music enthusiasts could demonstrate their drum skills at the Double Bass Contest "Feet of Hell". The supported band Trailer Park Sex was also on site with t-shirts of their own creation and their selfmade screen printing machine. Part of the income of course benefitted the Wacken Foundation.


Also artworks were of course exhibited in the W:O*Arts tent. The popular comics of Kim Schmidt put guests a smile on their face. The Wasteland Warriors haven been painted by Jens Rusch and could be admired in the arts tent. Sven Ellerbrock presented his impressing photo series "The Pit", which arised during the W:O:As of the past years. Also Thomas Ewerhard, who already designed numerous album covers and merchandising for several metal bands, showed some of his artworks. 


As you can see, in the W:O*Arts tent 2016 has been something available for everyone. We would like to thank all the exhibitors and supervisors of the activities for the engagement and the donations to the Wacken Foundation. It was great to have you all!

W:O:ART 2015

In the W:O:Art tent in the Wacken Foundation Camp at the W:O:A 2015 there were many great join-in activities besides the art exhibition. The Musikschulenverband Schleswig-Holstein (music school association) offered their drum contest “feet of hell” again. On the other side of the tent the supported band Trailer Park Sex showed the guests t-shirts can be printed via screen printing. This was especially for bands very interesting as they becuase in this way they could produce thier merchandise themselves. Next to this the guests could find the action painting booth and allow their creativity full bent. This campaign was initiated by “Triebwerk” of the Akademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialberufe (academy for health and social professions). The action painting pictures that were painted in 2014 and 2015 were available at the booth directly. Kim Schmidt the famous comic artist was also taking part in the action painting. And of course he also exhibited his popular comics about the Wacken Open Air.

Jens Rusch has exhibited some of his artworks and presented his new calender for 2016 and Michaela Lang, a master painter from Saarland, showed her complementary work about the Wacken Open Air for the first time. The heavy metal photographer Sven Ellenbrock displayed his Wacken Open Air-related pictures from the project called “The Pit” for the first time. And at the booth of Sport Tiedje a rowing contest was implemented! The rowing machine will be auctioned before the end of this year.

The Slovenian artist Sebastjan Serement presented his new artwork! It was painted especially for the Wacken Open Air! It will be auctioned soon to benefit hard rock- and heavy metal-bands. As an artistic highlight this year a miniature stage of the Wacken Open Air was presented. It was built by the participants of the Activcenter of the Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen GmbH from Lower Saxony. It is a school that is integrating long-term unemployed persons into the employment market. The miniature stage will also be auctioned to fund the Wacken Foundation and therewith to support metal!

Furthermore some artworks from Ole Ohlendorff were presented. This time the dead and the living Rock and Metal legends were printed as Fine Art Prints on aluminum plates. And finally, at the Wacken Kaffee bar the guests could warm themselves and receive a caffein shot.

Through all the activities in the W:O:Arts tent and the donation cans all exhibitors displayed for in total more then € 1,000 have been collected for young metal bands.

T H A N K   Y O U !!! to all artists and organisations that you have been a part of the W:O:Art 2015!!

W:O:Art 2014

At the 25th Wacken Open Air we had something for everybody in the W:O:Arts tent. There you could find beside an exhibition of every W:O:A poster since 1990 until today, a history exhibition compiled by Tim Eckhorst. This exhibition showed pictures of the Wacken Open Air from every year until today. There were many legendary shows and funny anecdotes, which you could find at the W:O:Arts tent.


The Musikschulenverband Schleswig-Holstein (music school association of Schleswig-Holstein) and Sport Tiedje offered you to take part in their activities and inform about their work. The band Trailer Park Sex, who has already been supported by the Wacken Foundation, showed you how to print your shirts yourself by silk screen procedure. With that for example bands can produce their own merchandise for a low budget.


Right next to it you could give your creativity free rein and try yourself in action painting. This activity has been introduced by AGS (academy for health care and social professions). The artworks have been auctioned after the W:O:A in favour of the AGS initiative “Triebwerk” and the Wacken Foundation.


Furthermore, you had the opportunity to let yourself and your personal W:O:A-experience draw by the comic-strip artist Kim Schmidt. Jens Rusch and Andreas Ole Ohlendorff exhibited some of their artworks and artist Miriam Galassi showed us her artworks for the first time.


At the Wacken Kaffee-Bar you could recharge your batteries for the rest of the festival day and at the same time you did something good, because the Wacken Foundation has a share of the revenues.


Thank you for visiting us at the W:O:Arts tent. By the way, this year the tent and our camp (Pos # 27) were right next to the beergarden.