Wacken Foundation Rescue Fond

Dear Metalheads, the current times are incomparable and especially the music industry is facing one of their biggest challenges so far. Therefore, the Wacken Foundation decided to support the industry with rescue funds (with a maximum sum of 1.000€ per application). You can apply for these funds, if you: - have financial losses due the case of cancelled tours - lost money because of cancelled engagements - had extra travel costs because of cancelled concerts on a running tour - as an organizer of Heavy Metal events, Crewmember (Sound, Light, Stagehand etc.) have costs because of short term concert cancellations - are in a situation, where you are not able to cover the rental fee of your rehearsal room (because of short work; cancelled engagements, remunerations, salaries etc.) - and much more The application file must be sent informal to rescue-fund@wacken-foundation.com. Please also describe the circumstances and include a comprehensible calculation of the costs. We will prove every single application personally. We would like to ask all "regular applicants", who have sent us his/her application "before Corona", for some more extra patience. The Wacken Foundations is focused to support all musicians, bands and organizers which are struggling the side effects of Corona/Covid 19. Wacken, 19th of May 2020

The Wacken Foundation plans engagement in Cambodia

The story of the teens from Cambodia and their band DOCH CHKAE has already had a happy ending and there are still more good new to come. Last year, the kids were denied visa to visit the Wacken Open Air. This situation changed last February in the wake of strong efforts from many sides when the young musicians were informed that their visa application had been approved. Finally they were able to travel to Germany, come to the little town of Wacken, and perform at the 30th anniversary of the world's largest heavy metal festival. The show of the musicians from a slum in Phnom Penh on the Wasteland stage in Wacken ended in total triumph. DOCH CHKAE played on Friday night and the field was packed. The audience from all corners of the world celebrated the extremely energetic performance of the Cambodians. Donations account: Wacken Foundation "Cambodia" IBAN-Nr.: DE30 2169 0020 0008 6045 68 Bic-Swift: GENODEF1SLW PLEASE use "Cambodia" for Usage. Wacken, 11.10.2019

Wacken Foundation at the World Metal Congress

We are very happy to announce that the Wacken Foundation is going to be part of the World Metal Congress. 

The Congress will last 3 days in March and summon all the Metalheads and Bands in London.

Our supported band and Metal Battle Winner Zommbies ate my Girlfrind from South Africa will also be playing there.



Survival Cooking Classes and backingclass with the Metal Baker



We are happy to offer Survival Cooking Classes again this year.

From Wednesday to Saturday you can learn at 11 o'clock, how to survive the hard festival life enjoyably :)

Cost: 20 € per registration.

5 participants per course


For those who want something even more unusual we recommend the cooking class with the Metal baker Schmitt Axel Schmitt.

As he has already shown in a Wacken video with Thomas Jensen, he will bake a very special festival bread with the participants. Anyone who pricks their ears for a while could even be rewarded with a star-studded visit! ;)

Again: 20 € per participation and 5 participants allowed.


You can send registrations NOW to meetandeat@wacken.com. Please always indicate on which day and at what time you want to cook.


We look forward to the upcoming courses!



Vegan Black Metal Chef at the Wacken Foundation Camp




Also this year, Hell's son will be holding a cooking class at the Küchenkate booth. If you would like to learn the lessons of the Seitanic Spellbook, you can watch the cooking shows at 5 pm on Wednesday (1 August) and at 2 pm on Saturday (4 August).


We wish you good appetite!



Day of the Beer at Wacken Foundation Camp



Together with Beck's, we're planning another beer day this year. The Beck's trainees have again made a lot of effort and brewed extra  a beer for the visitors of the Camp which will be sold at 03rd + 04th of August. All for the benefit of the Foundation.


So go and visit us and get a cool beer. With every sip, bands from the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene are supported.



Thundermother at the Starcooking class at Wacken Open Air

Unfortunately, UDO will not make it to our starcooking class at Wacken Open Air. But we are lucky enough to present you Thundermother as the replacement.

Their slot will be Thursday (2nd of August) at 2 PM at the Küchen Kate Tent at the Wacken Foundation Camp.

So let's get to the keyboards and make a bid. You can bid for a seat at our "Meet & Eat" cooking classes, which take place once a day. The proceeds of the participation fees and bids go to 100% in the Wacken Foundation. All cooking classes are organized by the cooking school Pinneberg and kitchen Kate Fenske. The cooking class with artists takes place once a day for 1 - 2 hours. The artists each cook their favorite dish with 5 fans and afterwards they all eat together. Five artists will be auctioned per artist in advance in favor of the Wacken Foundation. At the email addresses meetandeat@wacken.com, people can apply for a cooking class from the publication of the news. In the mail, the applicants then submit their bid. The 5 highest bidder of the filing date then cook with their stars. Please give in the subject the respective desire Starslot! The selected applicants must transfer the money in advance and then receive an email confirmation of their participation in the cooking class.



Meet and Eat Cookingclasses - Udo Dirkschneider

Meet and Eat Cooking Classes with Udo Dirkschneider Today we are happy to introduce you to the second star slot of our "Meat and Eat" series. Udo Dirkschneider (official) will cook his favorite dish with you. So let's get to the keyboards and make a bid. You can bid for a seat at our "Meet & Eat" cooking classes, which take place once a day. The proceeds of the participation fees and bids go to 100% in the Wacken Foundation. All cooking classes are organized by the cooking school Pinneberg and kitchen Kate Fenske. The cooking class with artists takes place once a day for 1 - 2 hours. The artists each cook their favorite dish with 5 fans and afterwards they all eat together. Five artists will be auctioned per artist in advance in favor of the Wacken Foundation. At the email addresses meetandeat@wacken.com, people can apply for a cooking class for 5 days from the publication of the news. In the mail, the applicants then submit their bid. The 5 highest bidder of the filing date then cook with their stars. All applications that arrive too early or late will not be considered. Please give in the subject the respective desire Starslot! The selected applicants must transfer the money in advance and then receive an email confirmation of their participation in the cooking class.


Important information about the band application!

Important information about the band application!

Do you want z. B. Publish a CD or do a tour?

Please note that the registration email to which the application must be sent has been changed to application@wacken-foundation.com! We will process your application as soon as possible and contact you.



Meet and Eat Cookingclasses

If you want to learn how metal industry stars cook, then you've come to the right place. You can bid for a seat at our "Meet & Eat" cooking classes, which take place once a day at the Wacken Open Air. This year we are pleased to offer you Mutz Drone and our house DJ DJ Otti from the Ballroom Hamburg as the first course. The proceeds of the participation fees and bids go to 100% in the Wacken Foundation. All cooking classes are organized by the cooking school Pinneberg and kitchen Kate Fenske.


The cooking class with artists takes place once a day for 1 - 2 hours. The artists each cook their favorite dish with 5 fans and afterwards they all eat together.


Five artists will be auctioned per artist in advance in favor of the Wacken Foundation. At the email addresses meetandeat@wacken.com, people can apply for a cooking class for 5 days from the publication of the news.

In the mail, the applicants then submit their bid. The 5 highest bidder of the filing date then cook with their stars. All applications that arrive too early or late will not be considered.

Please give in the subject the respective desire Starslot!


The selected applicants must transfer the money in advance and then receive an email confirmation of their participation in the cooking class.



Wacken Foundation at Kieler Woche

Starting tomorrow, we will enter the second round of the Wacken Foundation Festival Tour 2018! We are on the Kieler Woche and will be 11 days in the RADIO BOB! Be rock camp. Also in attendance are DKMS Germany and Sea Shepherd Germany.




We will be with our Wheel of Fortune at the booth where you can win great prizes. In addition, we are happy to provide information about possible funding from the Wacken Foundation.





Wacken Foudation Festival Tour 2018

This year, too, we will be touring through Germany and the surrounding countries with the Wacken Foundation Festival Tour to draw attention to the work of the Wacken Foundation at festivals and to collect donations.


Already this weekend the Rock Hard Festival is the beginning. It continues with the Kieler Woche, continues with the Wacken Music Camp, our house festival - the Wacken Open Air, the Elbriot, the Reload Festival, the Werner Race, the Full Metal Cruise VII, the Hamburg Metal Dayz and the graduation the Full Metal Holiday.


We are looking forward to a great festival summer and to get to know many new Metalheads.



Wacken Foundation at the Full Metal Cruise VI


After just under a week, it goes directly to the FMC

Just back from the Full Metal Mountain III, we went directly into the preparations for the Full Metal Cruise VI, which took place from 15-20 April. takes place. From Mallorca via Gibraltar and Malaga and back we are on board with our stand to answer questions about the Wacken Foundation and to organize our raffle. As the main prize waving again an outside cabin for the FMC VII but also Becks, Marschall and the Wacken brewery have also sponsored a lot for this round. Many sponsored bands like Crossplane, Aethernaeum, The Fright, Slipperherra, Soulbound, Godslave, Sunchair have again supported us with great band packages. The main winnings are guest list places for the W: O: A, the Elbriot, the Reload, the Hamburg Metal Dayz and the Wacken Winter Nights 2018. We are particularly happy about two signed band banners of the FMC II and FMC IV, by Tim Eckhorst were designed. If you are looking for something very special, you can win a little gem with the FMC VI nautical chart. The Cruise's graphically designed sea route has been enhanced with signatures from all the bands who are taking part in the cruise with the guests.

Lots can be purchased during the cruise at our stand or at the merchandise stand. The proceeds will go to 50% to a good cause, which is selected by the TUI Cruise, the other half benefits the foundation.

Please note that participation is only possible from the age of 18 years.

Thanks to all sponsors!

Metalheads, see you at sea.

Your Wacken Foundation




It's that time again Full Metal Mountain III - The Hardest and Loudest Winter Vacation Calls Metal Heads Starts in the 3rd Round. With our luggage this year our wheel of fortune and a cool raffle.


To win there are handsome prices, u. a. Voucher for 2 people for the Wacken Open Air, the Elbriot, the Reload Festival, the Hamburg Metal Dayz and the Wacken Winter Night's. But also great prizes await you, Beck's sun chair, refrigerator from Marshall, The Gods gift from the Wacken brewery, W: O: A Cajon with the signatures of The Ukeboys!


Of course, the Wacken Foundation also will have some

Band Packages by Crossplane, Nailed to Obscurity, Sunchair, And Will Will Blood, Nuclear, Sleeper's Guilt and Mindpatrol to give away in the Tombola.



At this point, we would like to thank all sponsors for their support and great prizes! We look forward to the happy faces of the winners!


You can buy lots at our stand in the Visitor Center, the draw of the main prizes will take place on Friday, April 6th at the F: M: M Plaza.


Participation is possible from 18 years.




Wacken Foundation at Wacken Winter Nights II 2018

Only three more nights and the Wacken Winter Nights will finally go into it’s second round.  This year we are back with the Wacken Foundation and will gladly explain everything about our foundation work at our booth. On our Wheel of Fortune you can warm up your muscles by spinning it and win some prizes. You will find us under the sloped roof at the Theater of Grace, along with the Full Metal Army, Art Worx  and the Merch.

On the stages you will also find four sponsored bands this year, which of course we are very happy about. Also on board are Orphaned Land from Israel, which will be performing on Friday in the Ice Palace. Saturday you'll see Johnny Deathshadow from Hamburg at the Theater of Grace and Molllust from Leipzig at the Wacken Church. Last but not least, you see Sündenrausch from Hamburg on Sunday also in the Theater of Grace.


But there is also a lot to discover at the country inn in the village. For example you can warm yourself up during the painting action of the initiative Engine. This was launched by the Academy for Health and Social Workers (AGS). This initiative helps young people and young adults from the region to enter the professional world. In order to do that, a regional, cross-company network with partners from various fields was built. The participants are prepared by individual and sector-specific coaching to impart important competencies to the working life.



Rock das Ding shows colour

About three years ago, Frank Juschkat, organizer of the Rock das Ding Festival, became a devoted supporter of the Wacken Foundation. In his shop “Uhrenservice-Juschkat” he regularly collects donations and forward them to us. We are also part of his festival, since he started it in 2016. Frank supports our tombolas as well, by giving us free tickets for Rock das Ding as prices. With his newly branded van, he now also presents our cooperation on the road.


At this point we want to sincerely thank Frank again for this great cooperation and we hope it will remain for many years to come. 

Wacken:Music:Camp - Create your own music at the Wacken Open Air Festival Area

The Wacken Music Camp will take place again in 2018!

From Saturday, 07. to Sunday, 15. July 2018, the Wacken Music Camp will take place for the fifth time in the first summer holiday week in Schleswig Holstein.

The Wacken Music Camp is one of the music project we are very proud to support to strengthen the young generation of musicians that want to join into a band and play rock and roll and metal music.

Everyone who wants to make their music can come and stay there for 9 days! You can expect like-minded people, lots of fun, excitement and music. You start your band, write and rehearse your own songs. You will be supported by experienced rock musicians and producers of the scene. At the end of the week all songs will be put on stage at a concert under professional conditions.

The accommodation takes place in the gymnasiums of the "Wacken Campus", the elementary school in Wacken.

Nevertheless, we will not completely renounce the tent atmosphere and certainly one or the other time at the fireplace in the "Kuhle" - the band / VIP area of ​​the festival - together.


Young people between the ages of 13 and 17 with or without instrumental or vocal skills can participate. Mainly it's about heavy metal and hard rock. But also "classical" instruments and adjacent or other styles, such as Folk are welcome! The only important thing is the desire to make music together with others.

Important information at a glance:

Date: Saturday, 07. to Sunday 15. July 2018

Place: Campus Wacken (elementary school Wacken)

Fee: 270, - € + 30, - € deposit (200, - reduced + deposit) incl. Accommodation / Verpfl. / And all leisure activities.

Organizer: KURS 54 ° N - KulturRaumSteinburg e.V. in cooperation with the Landesverband der Musikschulen in Schleswig-Holstein e.V. and the FH Westküste.

All further information and registration at www.wacken-music-camp.de

Metal : Winter : Wonderland

Not much longer until the second edition of the Metal:Winter:Wonderland starts. The wintery correspond to the Wacken:Music:Camp takes place from 3rd to 7th January at the Musikakademie Alteglofsheim in Baonvaria. Since supporting young talents in the heavier music scene is one of the important goals of the Wacken Foundation, we are supporting the M:W:W again.


We are happy to announce, that we will welcome two members of In Extremo as coaches – for one thing the drummer Florian “Specki T.D.” Speckart, for another thing bassist Kay Lutter. Schandmauls bassist Matthias Richter will also be on hand with help and advice for the participants.


So, if you are between 13 and 17 years old and you want to make your own music come to the Metal:Winter:Wonderland! It doesn’t matter, how distinct your instrumental or singing skills are – everyone, who wants to make music or learn how to do it, is welcome!


Of course a lot will be about heavy metal and hard rock, but still all genres are possible, no matter if folk, pegan or singer/songwriter, if rock or “classic” instruments.


During previous events we already had participants with classical instruments like cello, violin, flute and trombone. They discovered their instrument and its charms in a completely new sphere of sounds. The diversity is what makes the M:W:W so special. The pleasure and fun of producing “handmade” music together is especially important.


Signing up is still possible until the 10th of December, so better be fast!


You can find all informations about this event and how to participate here.

Bremer Metal Festival 2017

The  Bremer Metal Festival will be this year’s final stop of the Wacken Foundation Festival Tour 2017 and goes down on November 11th and 12th at the Meisenfrei Blues Club. Like in previous years, supported bands will be part of the festival. This time Molllust and Clear Sky Nailstorm are in on it.

We will also be there and prepared a tombola for you. Main prizes on each of both days will be 2 guestlist spots for the Reload Festival 2018 and 2 tickets for Rock das Ding 2018.  

We want to thank everybody for the support.



Triebwerk donation handover

This year the initiative Triebwerk by the Akademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialberufe (AGS) was represented again at the W:O:A at our Wacken Foundation Camp. With their action painting, they give the festival visitors the chance to get creative.


The pictures painted by the visitors can be bought during the festival. AGS donates 100% of those proceeds to the Wacken Foundation. This year € 460 were earned. The donation was officially handed over on Wednesday, September 27th 2017, to the Foundation. During the festival they did not just earn money by selling the pictures, but also collected money in a donation can, which brought in an extra of € 112.


Altogether Triebwerk donated € 572 to us, for which we want to thank them sincerely. We are very happy about this great cooperation and hope it will last.

Win a guitar in favor of the Wacken Foundation!tion!

At this year’s Hamburg Metal Dayz, we will run a tombola again. On both days, the first prize will be a guitar. On Friday it is a W:O:A guitar. Saturday, you have the chance to win a Pariah guitar by Kramer, sponsored by Gibson. Here you can find more details about the Pariah guitar.


Both guitars will be signed by several musicians during the Metal Dayz. Of course there will be more prizes to win, like 2x2 tickets for the Unleash the Kraken Festival on the 28th October 2017 in Hamburg, organized by the supported band Surface.


We wish all participants good luck and say a big thank you to all sponsors! 

AUCTION: Signed Lemmy portrait by Ole Ohlendorff

After 2014 the artist Ole Ohlendorff donated the second Lemmy-portrait to us, which was signed and is about to be auctioned in favor of the Wacken Foundation. The new portrait is part of the „DEAD ROCK HEADS“  series and was made after Lemmy sadly passed away at December 28th 2015.

The artwork is a hand-edited Fine Art Print on canvas mounted on a stretcher frame (100cm x 150cm) and signed by the artist himself. It also was signed by many musicians during the W:O:A 2017 at the Artist Village and is ready to be auctioned.

The auction starts today, Thursday, September 7th 2017 at 18:04 o’clock, via eBay and runs 10 days.
Here you can submit your bid.
Good luck!

Ohlendorff also has an exhibition this Saturday at the „Stones Party zum Konzert“ in Hamburg, where we will also be present thanks to him. So if you want to enjoy more of his artworks come and join us.

The Artwork was signed by following musicians during the W:O:A 2017: 

Accept : Wolf Hoffmann

Megadeth: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson

Trivium: Matthew Heafy

Apocalyptica: Eicca Toppinen, Perttu Kivilaakso, Paavo Lötjönen

Uli John Roth

ASP: Alexander Spreng

Saltatio Mortis: Jörg Roth alias „Alea der Bescheidene“

Sacred Reich: Phil Rind, Greg Hall

Clawfinger : Zak Tell, Bård Torstenson, André Skaug, Hux Nettermalm, Jocke Skog

Grave Digger: Chris Boltendahl, Axel Ritt, Stefan Arnold, Jens Becker

The fight against blood cancer - the cooperation of the Wacken Foundation with DKMS

In 2017, the DKMS will again collect registrations for their base of life donor at the Wacken Foundation Camp.

The Wacken Foundation and the DKMS have been cooperating since 2014 for the good cause.

It is only a few days before the Wacken Open Air opens its doors again for 75,000 metal pilgrims. And this year, too, everyone has the chance to become a life donor.

The DKMS is once again present at the the Wacken Foundation Camp and will be informing about their organization and doing typing work.

Through the registration, the so-called "genetic twin" can be found for a person suffering from blood cancer - with whose bone marrow donation the life of the patient can be saved. Nearly 5000 metallers had already been typed in the years 2014 - 2016 and stem cell donors were found 21 times already. Of these 21 donations, 19 have gone to people all over the world, including Norway, Finland, France and the USA.

We are looking forward to giving DKMS a "home" in our Wacken Foundation camp again, together with them, to take up the fight against blood cancer.



About the DKMS

DKMS is an international non-profit organization committed to the fight against blood cancer. She was born 26 years ago in Germany by Dr. Peter Harf, whose wife died as a result of a leukemia illness. Today the DKMS family is also active in the USA, Poland, Spain and the UK. Together they have 7.5 million
Life donors and made the DKMS a globally important organization in the fight against blood cancer. More than 600 DKMS employees from more than 20 nations are committed to providing every second blood cancer patient a second life opportunity.



W:O*Art tent 2017 at Wacken Foundation Camp

This year’s W:O*Art tent has plenty to offer. You can admire the new W:O*Art calendar 2018 of Jens Rusch ,which was produced in cooperation with Sea Shepherd, as well as the photographs of Sven Ellerbrock. His photobook „The Pit“ can be purchased locally. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Wacken Foundation. Furthermore the comics of Kim Schmidt will be presented, amongst others the series “Local Heroes”. You can gaze at the work of Thomas Ewerhard as well, who for example designed album artwork for Avantasia and t-shirts for Amon Amarth. Ole Ohlendorffs portraits of multiple artists will be shown as well. His last Lemmy portrait will be signed by different musicians during the W:O:A 2017 and sold by auction in favor of the Wacken Foundation. 

Of course, there are also some opportunities for you, to get active or to become a little piece of art yourself. You can get a face painting from Maja’s Farbenzauber, no matter if corpse paint or W:O:A logo. Each day she also will use bodypainting to turn a model into living art. The model will then walk across the W:O:A area. The Berufsinitiative Triebwerk will offer action painting, where you can put everything, that’s going through your mind, on paper.  


The guys of the supported band Eve of Alana, former Trailer Park Sex, will show you, how to stain your own t-shirts with screen printing. Best examples are their own band shirts. As in previous years, they will give half of their proceeds to the Wacken Foundation after the W:O:A.


Last but not least, the Musikschulen Schleswig-Holstein will provide the musical aspect at our art tent. At their drum contest “Feet of Hell” you get the chance, to show who has got the fastest feet. The attendance fees will completely be used for Wacken Foundation’s support of the hard rock and heavy metal music.


Stop by and take a look – we are looking forward to see you!


Like every year, we are represented at the W:O:A 2017 with our Wacken Foundation Camp. It extends around our information booth, where you can learn everything about the foundation. Here you can buy merchandise of the Wacken Foundation and charge your phone at the Electric Hotel station, participate in our goal scoring or spin the Wheel of Fortune. Again, the Wacken Wall will be placed in our camp. Right next to it you will find the Love Locks booth, where you can get your personal love lock embossed and perpetuate yourself on the grid of the Wacken Wall. They also sell gift cards for Stones of the Wall, the so called „BrickCards“ can be given away as a present and redeemed in the online shop. Of course, we will host the pole sitting again. All our proceeds will be used to support the hard rock and metal scene. The Full:Metal:Army will settle in our camp as well and inform you about their non-profit work and everything there is to know about the official fan club of the W:O:A. 

The Association Jugend gegen Aids (Youth against Aids) will also be there. It is their goal to get the issue of HIV/Aids back in the minds of young people. To reach that, they enlighten people in unconventional ways about STDs and inform you about their projects. 

Skate-Aid, Sea Sheperd and Viva con Agua will gladly explain their non-profit projects to you and how you can contribute. At the booth of the DKMS you can give a saliva sample and get registered as a bone marrow donor. The more people get registered, the better blood cancer can be fought. 

From good cause to good taste: If you need a break, you can get some delicious Wacken Kaffee in our camp. The Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig-Holstein and Obsthof Viets will provide for your sustenance as well.

If you want to learn, how you never have to go without culinary pleasure again, even when you’re on a festival, you should come to our Survival Cooking. The cooking courses will take place twice a day. You can also purchase a participant place for one of our Meet & Eat cooking courses by auction. This year Beyond the Black, Steak Number Eight and the DJs of the Ballroom Hamburg will cook with fans. The proceeds of the attendance fees and the bids will go to the Wacken Foundation completely. All cooking courses are hosted by the Kochschule Pinneberg and Küchen Kate Fenske. Information about the Meet & Eat cooking courses as well as the Survival Cookings can be found in the news article from June 14th and June 20th.

If you’re looking for another way to forget about the festival routine for a while or just something to pass the time until the next band plays, you can stop by at the booth of Magierspiele, dive into a fantasy world and kill time while playing table games. If you feel more like a private party, you are welcome to use the Teledisko. You will also find a booth of the Werner Rennen at our camp, as well as one of the SAC Superlative Adventure Club, which will inform you about their different ralleys and charities. The Scuddy team will present to you their foldable high-performance scooter. At the Tag Company you can get dog-tags embossed with your personalized engraving plus a W:O:A tag. Parts of the proceeds will benefit the Wacken Foundation.

Needless to say, the W:O*Art tent will be part of our camp as well. You can find information about this year ‘s attractions and artists in the separate news article, which will be released tomorrow.

See you in August!

SURVIVAL COOKING at Wacken Foundation Camp

In cooperation with Kochschule Pinneberg we offer survival cooking courses at the Wacken Foundation Camp. They will teach you, how to cook a delicious meal with nothing but your camp cooking equipment.

All features and ingredients are provided again by Küchen Kate Fenske from Pinneberg.

From Wednesday, August 2nd, until Saturday, August 5th, the cooking course takes place at the Wacken Foundation Camp. The attendance fee is € 20 and will completely benefit the Wacken Foundation. So, you will not only learn how to cook dainty dishes, but also you will help to support the hard rock and metal scene.

Survival cooking dates*:


August 2nd  


August 3rd 


August 4th 


August 5th


You can register from June 21st via survivalcooking@wacken.com. Please add the following information to the e-mail:


·         Your full name

·         Your date of birth

·         Your phonenumber for possible queries


ATTENTION: Please note, that you can only register one person per mail. The first 40 registrations to arrive, will be considered. You will then get a confirmation mail with all further details.  

*Subject to changes.



MEET & EAT at the W:O:A 2017

Today, July 20th, at 17:00 the auctions for our “Meet & Eat” cooking courses at the Wacken Open Air will start. We have cooking courses with Steak Number Eight, Beyond the Black and two DJs of the Ballroom Hamburg on offer.


The auctions will end on Tuesday, July 25th, at 17:00. The five highest bidding persons in each auction will get to participate in the cooking session of their choice.


On Wednesday, August 2nd, at 17:00 the DJs of the Ballroom Hamburg will rock the kitchen.

Steak Number Eight will swing the wooden spoon with you on Friday, August 4th, at 11:00.

Beyond the Black will teach you one of their favorite meals on Saturday, August 5th, at 16:30.


That is how it works:


·Send us an e-mail during the time period mentioned above, including your bid in euro, your name and the five-digit ticket number of your valid W:O:A ticket to meetandeat@wacken.com.
·The five highest bidding persons in each of the three auctions will get a confirmation e-mail after Tuesday, July 25th, 17:00, including all important information.


If you want to meet the artists in an unusual environment and you are up for a little cooking class, do your bid and try your luck! The proceeds will naturally be used to support the young metal and hard rock talents. 



Wacken Foundation and Heaven Shall Burn rock the league!

The football club FC Carl Zeiss Jena has already been playing with the logo of our friends of Heaven Shall Burn since 2015 - and apparently liked the hard music!
From now on the chest of the Puma jerseys of the FC Carl Zeiss Jena will adorn the Wacken Foundation, while the Heaven Shall Burn logo will find its place on the arms.

In addition to the increased attention, this also has tangible advantages for the Foundation: some of the proceeds from the tricot sale benefit the Wacken Foundation, which promotes young hard rock and metal bands.
Enno Heymann from the Wacken Foundation says:
"We've already done a lot of joint projects with our friends at Heaven Shall Burn. Now perhaps some will ask themselves what football or sport have in common with our "mission".
This is very obvious: if you want to achieve something, you need endurance, the unconditional will and must also times bitter defeats. Successes do not fall out of the sky, but must be worked hard on a regular basis. This is so in our genre so and football is no different. We are very happy about the cooperation with FC Carl Zeiss Jena! On a successful season! "

The same is true of Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn:
"We are thrilled that this year, not only will we be able to host Heaven Shall Burn on the biggest and most important Heavy Metal Open Air in the world in Wacken, but that the Wacken Foundation is also sitting in the boat , And we can continue to make a stir with the FCC, and we have a long history with the boys and girls from the north, and we've successfully beaten many battles together, and we know how enthusiastic, professional and innovative they are , Young artists and bands.
It is precisely this spirit, namely to move something beyond moving paths and to bring it forward, which fits our commitment to FC Carl Zeiss Jena. It is about the fun of the thing and the talents of tomorrow - whether on the football field or on the stage. This cooperation is a win-win situation in every respect. Anyone who is able to win the motto "hard but hearty" in sport and music will have a great pleasure in it! "

FCC Managing Director Chris Förster adds:
"The partnership with Heaven Shall Burn, which will also be reflected in the HSB logo on our tricot sleeve in the coming season, is something unique and very special in German football. It is only logical to continue this path, which has not yet taken place in the form, to continue with the Wacken Foundation. "

Wacken Foundation at Dong Open Air

Also this year we are represented with a Wacken Foudation booth in the infield of the Dong Open Air. We are especially looking forward to the German finale of the W: O: A Metal Battles, whose winners can play against 30 other bands at the Wacken Open Air.
Detractor and Darkest Horizon are the young finalists this year. We keep our fingers crossed. Because the 5 best bands of the Metalbattles will also be supported this year by the Wacken Foundation.
In addition, we are particularly pleased that 4 of our sponsored bands will play on the dong: Crossplane, Fateful Finality, Words of Farewell and Stromseeker.
Come over, we are happy.

Pole Sitting 2017

Hear ye, hear ye! As in previous years, we give you the opportunity to take a seat on one of the wooden thrones, which allow you a wide view over the area of the Wacken Open Air at a height of 2.5 meters.



You shall sit tight for six hours, to receive a reward. Every two hours you are granted a 10-minute break, in which you are allowed to leave your place. During the rest of the time, you can listen to the performances on the main stages. Wednesday and Thursday, everyone who did their time, will get a VIP upgrade. The participants of Friday and Saturday will get a € 75 voucher for the official Wacken Shop.



The pole sitting will go down from Wednesday, August 2nd, until Saturday, August 5th. The “sitting periods” are every day from 10:00-16:00 and 16:30-22:30.

If you want to place your buttocks on one of the poles, you just need to send an e-mail to polesitting@wacken.com, which includes following information:


· Your full name

· Your W:O:A-Ticketnumber

· Day and time, you would prefer to sit on a pole


We try to consider your preferred times as much as possible. Registration opens at June 14th. Since we just have 32 seats to assign, it is “first come, first served”.


For spontaneous people, we also have a pole on which you can sit for 10 minutes for a small donation, to enjoy the view and take pictures. For this is no registration needed.



For each pole a company took a partnership and donates € 10 to the Wacken Foundation for every hour, somebody sat on the pole. The donations are used to support hard rock and heavy metal bands. Across from the pole sitting you find the Wacken Foundation Camp, where you can get information about the Foundation and participate in various activities.


We wish every participant lots of fun!



Review Rock Hard Festival 2017

The rock hard festival 2017 took place this time from 2 to 4 June and the Wacken Foundation was again in Gelsenkirchen for the fourth time. This year we had a new booth, right next to the wristbandcorner and this resulted in every visitor having to pass us. So our booth was always well attended and there were many interesting conversations about our work.
We were especially pleased that our new curator Jörg Düsedau visited us. In addition, there were a lot of sponsored bands at the booth, including PY from Sic Zone, Sleeveless Guilt, Mount Atlas, Nailed to Obscurity and Boris from Noise Forest.
Thanks to the companies Artworx, Musikmeyer, Marshall Amplification for your great support and to Boris von Lofft https://www.mylofft.de/ and Miriam and Torsten von Dr. Music Promotion, the promoters of Jesus Chrüsler Supercar for the kind donations.
Lastly, special thanks go to Manni and his crew and to our two volunteers, Nina and Maik.
We are already looking forward to the Rock Hard Festival 2018



Die Wacken Foundation auf dem Strongmanrun und der Kieler Woche

In the coming week, we will have two events at once. On the Fishermen's Strongmanrun in Wacken on Saturday, June 17, many crazy men and women will fight through 10 or 20 kilometers of mud. We will also be there with a stand and cheer for the participants. Come and visit us at the Kuhle in Wacken.The Kieler Woche also starts on June 17th and runs until June 25th. Alongside with a great program we are also present with a booth in the Wacken area of the Radio Bob Rockcamp and will be collecting  donations for our young rock and metal bands.We are looking forward to seeing you at both events!



Aftermath Metal Battle Semifinale Nord Germany

On Friday, May 19, five bands played at the German semifinale North of the Wacken Metal Battle. The Wacken Foundation was there, too with a booth and a giveaway ruffle. The participating bands Sunchair and Soulbound had already been supported  by the Wacken Foundation before. Both bands were so nice and donated CDs and Merch for the raffle this evening.

With 180 sold tickets the Marx in the Markthalle Hamburg was very crowded and the all the guests and provided a great atmosphere. In the end, detractor could stand against the
Competition. They will now play the national final at Dong Open Air 2017 one of the popular slots at the Metal Battle final at Wacken Open Air 2017.
We congratulate all participating bands and wish good luck at the Dong Open Air.




As in previous years, we are going on festival tour again and will be travelling across the country. We already got the first two trips, Full Metal Mountain II and Full Metal Cruise V, over with and soon the traditional festival summer will begin. We are looking forward to an eventful time and to meet lots of old friends and make new acquaintances. These are our dates of this year’s tour:


2nd-4th June     -     Rock Hard, Gelsenkirchen
13th-15th July     -     Dong Open Air, Neukirchen-Vluyn
22nd July     -     Rock das Ding, Balge
3rd-5th Aug.     -     W:O:A, Wacken
19th Aug.     -     Elb-Riot, Hamburg
25th-26th Aug.     -     Reload Festival, Sulingen
22nd-23rd Sep.     -     Hamburg Metal Dayz, Hamburg
10th-11th Nov.     -     Bremer Metal Festival, Bremen

We are looking forward to a great tour and a hopefully sunny festival summer.



Festivaltour 2017 - Wacken Foundation at Full Metal Cruise V

Also in 2017, the Full Metal Cruise was again part of our festival tour. Our booth on the ship was enthusiastically accepted. This time Martin from the TUI supported us at the booth.  He was available for inquiries and distributed some gifts to the first 500 guests.

The raffle was a very successful with a total of € 10,140 and an additional € 73.45 donation. The amount will be divided between the Wacken Foundation and Verein Ankerland. Ankerland is an association sponsored by TUI, which deals with traumatized children and their parents.

You can find more information about Ankerland here: ankerland.de

The booth was again well visited this year, including by the band Dog Eat Dog.




We just came back from Full Metal Mountain II and directly started with our preparations for the Full Metal Cruise V, taking place 20th to 25th April. From Mallorca to Gibraltar to Malaga and back we are on board with our booth, to answer your questions about the Wacken Foundation and to host our tombola. We have tons of good stuff in our kitbag. Becks, Jägermeister and Red Bull sponsored some prizes and we also have some packages of supported bands with us again. The main prizes are guest list places for the W:O:A, the Elbriot, the Reload, die Hamburg Metal Dayz and the Wacken Winter Nights 2018.

You can buy your lots at our booth during the cruise. 50% of the proceeds will go to a good cause, chosen by the TUI Cruise, the other half will benefit the Foundation.

Please note that you are only allowed to participate if you are 18 years or older.

Thanks to all the sponsors!

Metalheads, see you on sea!


Short and sweet – report about Full Metal Mountain II

About a week ago we came back from Full Metal Mountain II – exhausted, but happy. After one week with 20°C, good music and great people, we can look at good results and a successful opening of our festival tour. Besides the visitors of the festival, some bands stopped by at our booth as well, e.g. Pampatut and a part of Saltatio Mortis. When it comes to the monetary aspects, FMM II was a success as well. Just with the wheel of fortune, we generated about € 470. Our “Snowbola” even fetched € 1,660, of which 50% are given to the Jugendfeuerwehr of Tröpolach. Besides the main prizes you could also win packages of supported Bands, amongst others a CD plus t-shirt of The Fright, Slaughterra, AlleHackbar, Aphyxion and  Helldorados, as well as CD-packages including albums of Sleeper’s Guilt, Mindpatrol, Apallic, Call oft he Sirens and Rampart.

Thanks a lot again to the bands and all other sponsors of the tombola and our festival tour, like Becks, Jägermeister, Red Bull and the Wacken Open Air.




It’s time again: Full Metal Mountain II in Tröpolach, Austria is about to start. At the same time it is the kick-off of our FESTIVALTOUR 2017. Of course, we are not coming empty handed – we are bringing an extraordinary tombola and our wheel of fortune.

You can win prizes of Becks, Jägermeister and RedBull. EMP, the W:O:A and a bunch of our supported bands came up with loads of stuff as well for the whole festival tour. We also have an acoustic guitar signed by Saltatio Mortis for you and you have the chance to win the much-loved beanbag sponsored by jag-shop! On top of the mountain we have some guest lists places for the Hamburg Metal Dayz, the Reload, the Elbriot as well as the W:O:A and the next Wacken Winter Nights in stock.

A huge THANKS to all the sponsors for their generous support!

You can buy your lot at our booth at the Q2 or near the Mountain Stage. The lottery drawing of the main prizes will be on Friday, March 13, 17:00 h at the FMM Plaza.

Please note that you are only allowed to participate if you are 18 years or older.

We’re looking forward to see you! Good luck to all of you and a snowy ski week!


Reload Festival Band Contest - use your chance!

You want to rock the festival season 2017 with your band? Then apply now for this year's contest of the Reload Festival! The application deadline is 9th of April. On the 29th of  April the audience in the JoZZ Sulingen decides which of the five participating bands will get the last free slot on the main stage of the festival.

Five bands are selected by the jury of the Reload Festival, which is now looking forward to your applications! Please send it to reload_contest@online.de. The following should include:


• An individual justification for participation in the competition

• The Internet address of your own homepage and / or your own Facebook page

• The Internet address for an application on YouTube or similar portals


Important: You do not have a record contract yet.

More information about the band contest can be found at: http://reload-festival.de/category/news

The Wacken Foundation wishes you good luck!



Jörg Düsedau – Wacken Foundation wants to welcome their new curator!


After many years as a curator at the Wacken Foundation, Thomas Ritter now will leave the foundation's curatorship. We would like to thank you very much for the great cooperation and wish Mr. Ritter all the best on his further journey.


As a new curator we would like to welcome Jörg Düsedau to the Foundation. Jörg is an old Hamburg metal bunny and a managing director at Dragon Productions GmbH. As early as the beginning of the 90s he toured with Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray, as well as making Volbeat what they are today. Since 2014, he has been Managing Director and co-owner of Dragon Productions while still working on his own music. He will be working as a new curator for the Wacken Foundation. Together with the other curators, they sighted and discussed the funding proposals and gave the Executive Board a recommendation on the decision on the applications.

Welcome to the Wacken Foundation Team!



Thanks a lot to Triebwerk e.V. and Forgotten North

On Saturday the Akademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialberufe (AGS)/Triebwerk e. V. (academy for health care and social professions) visited us at the Wacken Winter Nights. The reason was the handing over of the collected donations during the action painting at the W:O:A 2016. Also Forgotten North took part in the action painting in 2016. They auctioned their painting during one of their concerts in favour of the Wacken Foundation and brought the proceeds to our booth on Friday. Really great. Thank you all so much for your effort!