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About Us

What is the Wacken Foundation

The Wacken Foundation is a recognized non-profit foundation dedicated to the promotion of hard rock and heavy metal music. Basically, all artists and bands from the heavy metal scene can be supported by the Wacken Foundation. More information about the requirements for a sponsorship can be found here.

Even if the name Wacken Foundation may seem misleading, the organizers of the W:O:A do not benefit from a single cent of the donations. The entire assets of the foundation will be used exclusively for the promotion of artists of the metal scene.


In order to consolidate their existing support of young artists from the rock and metal scene, the organizers of the W:O:A decided to establish a foundation for the promotion of hard rock and heavy metal music. Right from the start, people from the music industry could be inspired for the Wacken Foundation, for example singer Doro Pesch is one of the trustees of the Wacken Foundation.


Our task

The music market has changed significantly in recent years. For example, falling sales figures for recorded music, the increase in the use of streaming services and the continued illegal distribution of MP3s mean that bands are hardly ever promoted or built up by the music industry. The safe way to exploit "old catalogs" or to rely on the tried and true seems to ensure survival more.

Rock and metal live on the development of the live experience and on the continuous work of the artists. The technical possibilities nowadays allow anyone who can operate a computer to produce an initially "appealing demo". However, the band will only be able to achieve a permanent position in the highly competitive market if the high level of technical production possibilities also stands up to live implementation.

It's not about "Germany's seach for the next Metalstar" or "playbackstars", which take turns every year and which - thanks to massive TV presence - almost nobody can get past. It's about supporting those who have chosen the long, hard and rocky road, who don't have the dream of being in the limelight overnight, but those who want to put in the work for their dream. This is the path that the foundation wants to support by providing economic support to young, but also long-established artists who lack the necessary means!