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W:O:A Metal Battle

The Metal Battle is an international competition for young underground metal bands, which takes place every year since 2004. It offers the bands a great platform to present themselves and their music and to establish contacts with producers, bookers, managers and labels. But also for the countries, which have not yet found a bigger attention in the metal world despite an extensive scene, the Metal Battle is a chance to place themselves internationally. So the network has grown to over 40 countries by now. Mexico, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, China and Japan, for example, have joined the Metal Battle.

The preliminary rounds of the competition take place in the respective participating countries. The first-placed bands will be sent to the finals at W:O:A. The jury will determine the "Top 5" there. There, the jury will determine the "Top 5", which will be rewarded with material and cash prizes. The Wacken Foundation supports the competition by providing the prize money.