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Application form

Here you can find our application form. If you want to submit an application to the Wacken Foundation, please fill out this form completely, save it and send it to us exclusively by e-mail to




The Wacken Foundation, as a non-profit foundation under civil law, has set itself the task of promoting hard rock and heavy metal music. The Wacken Foundation has its headquarters in Dörpstedt, Schleswig-Holstein.

The foundation realizes its purpose among other things, but not exclusively, by:

  • financial support for the purchase of musical instruments as well as the necessary technical equipment
  • offering concert prizes
  • financing costs that are directly and/or indirectly related to artistic creation or education

Funding application guidelines

In the following you can see the guidelines for the funding application to the Wacken Foundation. They should show you what has to be considered when applying to us. Here you can download the guidelines as PDF.

Who can be supported?
Artists, bands, lyricists, composers (authors) and organizers who deal with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music can be supported. In particular, bands that do not have an evaluation partner (such as label, publisher, etc.) can be supported. Bands that do have an evaluation partner can also be funded. In this case, however, the possible funding amount may not exceed 40% of the project to be funded. In case of doubt, the funding is in the form of a deficiency guarantee.

What is the focus of the funding?
The main focus is the promotion of talents by providing financial means to bands and artists in order to give them the possibility to realize certain projects.

What do I have to submit?
You have to submit the completed application form to the Wacken Foundation by email to 

What can be applied for?
Applications can be submitted for the realization of concerts, tours etc., for CD productions, for the purchase of merchandise material but also for travel expenses. The foundation's board of trustees decides on the granting and the amount of funding, without the applicants having a claim to funding. Funding will be given in particular to measures which, in the opinion of all trustees, serve the artistic advancement of the band/artists. Upon issuance of the grant notice, the Foundation undertakes to pay the amount stated in the grant notice (grant amount) in the amount of the grant upon presentation, e.g. of the invoice or other suitable evidence. As a general rule, the maximum amount of funding is Euro 5,000. Funding is usually provided in the form of grants, interest-free loans with a term of one year, or a mixture of both.

Until when do the applications have to be submitted?
Applications can be submitted at any time!

How often are decisions made on applications?
Several times a year, depending on the abundance of applications, a meeting of the Board of Trustees is convened and the applications are discussed. In the case of possible tour support, it is possible to submit urgent applications. The amount to be funded may not exceed 40% of the total tour costs in the case of tour supports. The application should be submitted to the Wacken Foundation at least 5 weeks before the tour starts.

When is the payment made?
Payment will be made within one month after the decision on the application or after individual determination by the Board of Trustees. The supported measure has to be proven by receipts, copies of invoices etc. according to the submitted calculation.

Please identify the measures supported by the Wacken Foundation as such by linking and/or including the Wacken Foundation logo on e.g. websites, flyers, posters, etc.