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How you can help us!

Want to help us? - This is what you can do!

Every amount donated - no matter how high -  is motivation and help for us!


A donation to our account which we set up especially for the foundation is an honorable service and you will of course receive a donation receipt on request, which can be asserted against the tax office. Since the Wacken Foundation is a registered non-profit foundation under German law, the funds received in the donation account are managed accordingly in accordance with foundation law.

via SEPA Transfer

You can donate to the Wacken Foundation by bank transfer to this account data:

Our Bank Details

Kontoinhaber: Wacken Foundation
Kontonummer: 8604568
Institut: Volksbank Schleswig eG
Bankleitzahl: 21690020
IBAN-Nr.: DE30 2169 0020 0008 6045 68

per PayPal

You can donate to the Wacken Foundation quickly and easily via PayPal. Just click on the button or use the QR code and send your donation.

PayPal QR-Code
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