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Foundation assets

The Wacken Foundation can be supported by donations of money and goods, but also by endowments. Donation receipts can be issued on request for any form of support, as the Foundation is a non-profit organization. Donations in cash and in kind are distributed directly to the Foundation during the course of a fiscal year in order to realize the Foundation's purpose. Endowments are added to the foundation's assets. Donations in cash and in kind as well as the income from the foundation's assets, e.g. interest, together constitute the foundation's annual distributable funds.

In the last few years since the foundation was established, the foundation has grown to such an extent that the administrative work and day-to-day business of the Wacken Foundation can no longer be handled by volunteers alone. For this reason, the Wacken Foundation employs a full-time employee to take care of the day-to-day business and the external presentation of the foundation. The fulfillment of the foundation's purpose is still guaranteed with the permanent position.