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The Wacken Wall is back!

Almost two years it was quite quiet around us and also around the popular Wacken Wall, as a first sign of life we announce ourselves with our new partner Rusch Klinker back and bring your stone, as your lasting memory of our Wacken Wall - So you also become a part of the history of the W:O:A!

We are very happy to welcome with the company Rusch a regional and traditional partner at our side!

The traditional firing method in the ring kiln of the company Rusch makes every stone unique! You can get your stone in two versions

Version 1:
without skull and max. 30 characters - 50,00€
Character colors: red, black or white

Version 2:
max. 20 characters with skull and special painting gold bronze - 65,00€

Please note that spaces are included in the maximum number of characters!

With your stone you not only get a permanent souvenir on the W:O:A, but also support new bands and artists at the same time, because 15,00€ per stone, go to the Wacken Foundation.

Order process:

Mail to

In the subject: stone version 1 or 2 and the name (example: stone version 1 Peter Moshpit)

In the cover letter please indicate the desired font color, an order confirmation mail will follow with the account data for payment processing.

In the reason for payment, please be sure to include the same text as in the subject of the email (Stein Version 1 Peter Moshpit). As soon as the payment is received, the stone goes into production.

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